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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who approaches Vane near the river bed?
(a) A man who is to help Vane die.
(b) A being of light.
(c) Some people who want Lilith's hand.
(d) A guide to show him the desert well.

2. Where does Vane carry Lona's body?
(a) To his library through the mirror.
(b) To Lilith's prison.
(c) To her father.
(d) To an underground cave.

3. Who is sobbing over Lona's body?
(a) Odu.
(b) Adam.
(c) Raven.
(d) Lilith.

4. What does the monsters' hollow hold?
(a) Nothing.
(b) Sin.
(c) Lies.
(d) Placid water.

5. What comes to Vane in the daylight?
(a) Leopards.
(b) Raven.
(c) Dim memories.
(d) Little Ones.

6. Whose brain has Vane been inside?
(a) The white leopard.
(b) Lona.
(c) The Princess.
(d) Raven.

7. Who tramples the Giants?
(a) Buffalo.
(b) Rhinoceroses
(c) Bulls.
(d) Elephants.

8. What does Vane wonder?
(a) If he will meet Lona in his world.
(b) If he will ever return to the other place.
(c) Nothing.
(d) If he is still in the Chamber of Death.

9. Who has roared for Vane?
(a) The tiger.
(b) Nothing.
(c) The white leopard.
(d) The white lion.

10. Why does Vane welcome the cold?
(a) The room is so hot.
(b) He accepts it as just punishment.
(c) The couches are heated.
(d) It helps him grow less conscious of himself.

11. What does Vane fear as he bathes and eats at the palace?
(a) He won't be allowed to leave.
(b) Drugs or enchantment.
(c) He will be thrown in the dungeon.
(d) He will comitt a faux paus in front of the princess.

12. What does the interrupter become after abandoning Raven?
(a) The Princess of choices.
(b) The Queen of Hell.
(c) The Princess of the Animal kingdom.
(d) The Queen of Heaven.

13. From what book does Raven read?
(a) The Book of Life.
(b) The Book of Job.
(c) The Kirsti.
(d) The mutilated book.

14. What does Lilith ask of Mara?
(a) That Mara unclench her hand.
(b) That Mara merge with Lilith to teach her.
(c) That Mara let her die.
(d) That Mara send her to Purgatory.

15. How does the Army enter the city?
(a) Fearfully.
(b) With weapons firing.
(c) Triumphantly.
(d) Secretly by twos and threes.

Short Answer Questions

1. Into what does the spotted leopard turn?

2. Who does Vane think will ascend the throne?

3. Who does Whitey drive off?

4. What does Odu beg of Mara?

5. What keeps expanding?

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