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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In what state does the woman think she has been?
(a) A coma.
(b) A trance.
(c) A catatonic.
(d) She does not know.

2. Why does the Princess of Bulika kill every baby of which she hears?
(a) She is jealous of other children because her own dies in infancy.
(b) She believes it is the only way to save her kingdom.
(c) Prophecy claims a child will be the cause of the Princess' death.
(d) She hates the innocence of children.

3. What legend does Vane learn from his butler?
(a) Of Sir Upward and a librarian.
(b) The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.
(c) The Legend of the Ghost Lawyer.
(d) The Legend of Sir Hanarad.

4. What does Raven say the couple will eventually do?
(a) Love each other into being.
(b) Descend into Hell.
(c) Reincarnate again as a married couple.
(d) Find a path to heaven.

5. Who is Vane determined to see?
(a) The woman he brought to life.
(b) The seer of Bulika.
(c) The muse of Bulika.
(d) God.

6. Where does Raven lead Vane?
(a) The ocean.
(b) To Raven's home.
(c) A forest.
(d) A desert.

7. What does Vane follow to Bulika?
(a) A white bear.
(b) A young elf.
(c) Two white leopards.
(d) A blood trail.

8. How long have the Little Ones existed?
(a) Since the end of the third age.
(b) Since the beginning of the first age.
(c) Since time begins.
(d) Since the fall of human beings.

9. What does Mr. Vane find when he goes through a mirror?
(a) A Crow.
(b) A Bluebird.
(c) A Chickadee.
(d) A Raven.

10. What did Vane's father demand?
(a) To go through the door.
(b) To leave their home alone.
(c) For Raven to not return.
(d) For his son to receive Raven's blessing.

11. What does Vane beg of the woman?
(a) To leave him alone.
(b) To help her find her husband.
(c) To be her slave.
(d) To help her find her son.

12. What makes Vane shudder?
(a) The noises of the lion.
(b) To think about how everything is so uncertain in the world he is in.
(c) The noises of the panther.
(d) The rattle of a snake.

13. What does Vane see when he creeps back into Bulika that night?
(a) A white leopard.
(b) A white dog.
(c) A white rabbit.
(d) A white bear.

14. How will Vane learn to recognize the flower?
(a) By opening his own eyes.
(b) By drawing its petals.
(c) By smelling its fragrance.
(d) By feeling its softness.

15. What does Vane think is dangerous?
(a) Being a philanthropist.
(b) Eating the apples.
(c) Sleeping among the Little Ones.
(d) Being unaware.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Mr. Vane feel about the garret in the morning?

2. What calms Vane at the cottage?

3. What does Vane see roaming the streets?

4. Who does Raven say is with Vane?

5. What does the woman in white injure one of the Princess of Bulika's leopards?

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