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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Between what two groups does a furious battle take place?
(a) Human beings and trolls.
(b) Skeletons and trolls.
(c) Human beings and beautiful elves.
(d) Skeletons and phantoms.

2. Why does Vane think his father may have followed him to the heather?
(a) To see his son one more time.
(b) To ask his son a question.
(c) To apologize.
(d) To kill Raven.

3. What does Vane want to become?
(a) An angel.
(b) A unicorn.
(c) Unfeeling.
(d) The good giant that the Little Ones need.

4. Where does Raven say the skeletons are?
(a) In stasis.
(b) In Purgatory.
(c) In a third dimension.
(d) In Hell.

5. What does the woman in white injure one of the Princess of Bulika's leopards?
(a) To get revenge on the Princess.
(b) To keep it from killing her cat.
(c) To keep it from drinking her baby's blood.
(d) To see if it is real.

6. Where does Raven lead Vane?
(a) A desert.
(b) The ocean.
(c) To Raven's home.
(d) A forest.

7. Where is Vane's grandfather?
(a) In the Evil Steppes.
(b) In the Sanctuary of Light.
(c) In the Evil Wood.
(d) Floating on the ocean of bliss.

8. What does Raven speak of as he starts the chamber turning?
(a) The way of the wheel.
(b) Esoteric ideas.
(c) The end of the return.
(d) How Vane's father gained enlightenment.

9. Why are the sick and deformed taxed?
(a) As punishment for their obvious sins.
(b) To serve the wealthy.
(c) Because they are the only ones who work.
(d) Because they are unsightly.

10. How do the prayers rise from the church?
(a) From the wind of the eternal breath.
(b) In the form of pigeons.
(c) On the arms of a kite.
(d) On the heat of a fire.

11. What kind of tree is in the ruins of a church?
(a) Weeping Willow.
(b) Ash.
(c) Hawthorn.
(d) Oak.

12. What is Mr. Vane just beginning to become?
(a) A master.
(b) A sailor.
(c) A lawyer.
(d) An individual.

13. What does Vane throw away in disgust?
(a) A rotten melon.
(b) A huge, green apple.
(c) A leech that attached itself to Vane.
(d) A slimy water weed.

14. How does Mr. Vane feel about the garret in the morning?
(a) He is terrified of it.
(b) He doesn't remember anything about a garret.
(c) He has no fear of it.
(d) He is quite curious about it.

15. Where are new Little Ones found?
(a) In the tree branches.
(b) In a nearby cave.
(c) In the streambed.
(d) In the woods as newborns.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the forest resemble that Vane comes upon after going through a desert?

2. What does Vane come upon as he walks under the moon?

3. What does Vane learn from Lona?

4. From what does Vane vow to protect a frightened woman?

5. What does Raven unearth for Vane to follow?

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