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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the woman offer Vane for a safe transit home?
(a) Directions out of the city.
(b) Sex.
(c) Shelter.
(d) Money.

2. Where does Vane bathe the corpse?
(a) A pond lit by the moonlight.
(b) A small, cold stream.
(c) A claw-foot bathtub.
(d) The hot currents of the river.

3. What kind of flower does Raven show Vane?
(a) Lily.
(b) Dogwood.
(c) Resurrection.
(d) Prayer.

4. Where does Raven say the skeletons are?
(a) In Hell.
(b) In a third dimension.
(c) In stasis.
(d) In Purgatory.

5. What does Raven say the couple will eventually do?
(a) Find a path to heaven.
(b) Reincarnate again as a married couple.
(c) Descend into Hell.
(d) Love each other into being.

6. What kind of eyes does the beautiful woman have?
(a) Dead.
(b) Lambent.
(c) Opalescent.
(d) Pearls.

7. Where does the bird comment about the weather?
(a) Pluto.
(b) Mercury.
(c) Uranus.
(d) Mars.

8. In what state does the woman think she has been?
(a) A trance.
(b) A catatonic.
(c) She does not know.
(d) A coma.

9. When will Vane know the reasons for what the sleepers do?
(a) When he has achieved enlightenment.
(b) When he has read the book of life.
(c) When his day comes to wake.
(d) When he goes to sleep.

10. What legend does Vane learn from his butler?
(a) The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.
(b) Of Sir Upward and a librarian.
(c) The Legend of Sir Hanarad.
(d) The Legend of the Ghost Lawyer.

11. About what does Vane learn?
(a) Solitude.
(b) Hell.
(c) Hope.
(d) Heaven.

12. What keeps Vane from communing with the beasts?
(a) Loyalty to the corpse.
(b) Blindness.
(c) He cannot find them.
(d) Fear.

13. Where is Vane's grandfather?
(a) In the Evil Steppes.
(b) Floating on the ocean of bliss.
(c) In the Evil Wood.
(d) In the Sanctuary of Light.

14. What happens when the woman panics when she and Vane reach her home?
(a) She locks out Vane.
(b) She screams.
(c) She calls for the city guard.
(d) She faints.

15. What is growing up Vane's chimney?
(a) A blackberry bush.
(b) A fig bush.
(c) A trumpet vine.
(d) A tree.

Short Answer Questions

1. Whose papers does Vane find?

2. What does Raven speak of as he starts the chamber turning?

3. Who does Vane see in a ravine?

4. What does Vane think is dangerous?

5. How do the prayers rise from the church?

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