Lilith Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. What happens to set Mr. Vane off on his quest?

Chapter 1 opens on a rainy August evening with Mr. Vane, an orphan and recent Oxford graduate, reading in the library. Mr. Vane sees a tall figure select a book and vanish. It is Mr. Vane's curiosity about this figure that sets him off on a quest for knowledge.

2. Briefly describe the legend that Mr. Vane learns from his butler.

Vane learns from his butler the legend of Sir Upward and a librarian, Mr. Raven, who becomes the household ghost. This librarian lived hundreds of years ago.

3. To where does Mr. Vane follow the figure who appears and disappears?

Mr. Vane follows this figure to the garret, into a small chamber, and through an old-fashioned mirror into an open heath, where Mr. Vane faces a raven.

4. What does Mr. Vane ask of the raven and how does the raven respond?

Mr. Vane asks the quizzical-looking raven to help him interpret his situation. Instead, he hears frustrating riddles about exit doors that get him only further inside, making himself at home, not being concerned that Vane has forgotten his name and arriving prematurely.

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