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The Bad Borrow - This place is filled with fearsome but beautiful creatures that, whenever they emerge, are frightened back underground by the moon.

Bulika - A city that is inhabited by simple farmers and shepherds until they offer hospitality to an evil princess older than the world.

The Desert - The arid, lifeless, soundless region beyond the hills where narrator Mr. Vane first meets the woman with a spot.

The Evil Wood - The place where narrator Mr. Vane's grandfather is fighting the dead.

The Garret and Mirror - The uppermost part of Mr. Vane's ancestral home which holds this.

The House of Bitterness - This place is owned by the so-called Cat-Woman, whose real name is Mara.

The Ivy-House - This is a place where in the great hall at midnight, richly costumed men and women begin old-fashioned dancing.

The Library - The focus of...

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