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The Bad Borrow

This place is filled with fearsome but beautiful creatures that, whenever they emerge, are frightened back underground by the moon.


A city that is inhabited by simple farmers and shepherds until they offer hospitality to an evil princess older than the world.

The Desert

The arid, lifeless, soundless region beyond the hills where narrator Mr. Vane first meets the woman with a spot.

The Evil Wood

The place where narrator Mr. Vane's grandfather is fighting the dead.

The Garret and Mirror

The uppermost part of Mr. Vane's ancestral home which holds this.

The House of Bitterness

This place is owned by the so-called Cat-Woman, whose real name is Mara.

The Ivy-House

This is a place where in the great hall at midnight, richly costumed men and women begin old-fashioned dancing.

The Library

The focus of Mr. Vane's attention in his ancestral home, this place...

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