Lilith Character Descriptions

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Mr. Vane - This character is orphaned in early childhood, grows up in unnamed boarding schools, and has recently finished Oxford University as the novel opens.

Mr. Raven / Adam - This character first appears to Mr. Vane as a shadowy, stooping old man in a dark dress coat who removes select volumes from the Vanes' library.

Lady Mara / Cat-Woman - The Little Ones say that this character is ugly and scratches.

The Princess of Bulika / Dead Woman / Lilith - This character is the first wife of the first-created human, Adam,and comes from Vane's three-dimensional world.

Lona - The leader of the so called Little Ones.

Blunty - A child inhabiting an area outside the Evil Wood in the other-world Mr. Vane visits.

The Butler - A faithful Vanes family servant all of his life.

The Fugitive Mother - An unnamed woman who tells Vane about the...

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