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Chapter Abstracts

Chapters 1-4

• Chapter 1 opens with Mr. Vane, an orphan and recent Oxford graduate, reading in the library.

• Vane sees a figure select a book and then vanish.

• Vane learns from his butler about the legend of Sir Upward and a ghost librarian, Mr. Raven.

• Chapter 2: Vane follows the vanishing figure to the garret and through a mirror.

• Chapter 3: Vane asks the raven for help in understanding his situation but is told much he doesn't understand.

• Vane thinks he may have died and starts walking to a pine wood where he reaches for something shiny.

• Vane is shocked and wakes up in the garret, determined to sell the house.

• Raven appears and gives Vane some esoteric information about things occupying the same place and time.

• If Vane wants to go home, he must find his own way.

• Vane commits himself to an adventure, sure he will be taken care...

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