Lila: An Inquiry Into Morals Short Essay - Answer Key

Robert M. Pirsig
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1. How did Lila end up on Phaedrus's boat?

Phaedrus was drinking in a bar with some friends when a furious Lila entered, looking for her unfaithful boyfriend. When Phaedrus sees her, he wonders if he has seen her somewhere before and she laments her relationship problems to him. The two end up drinking some more and dancing, which leads to them spending the night together on his boat.

2. What are the "slips" on Phaedrus's boat?

Phaedrus has nearly eleven thousand slips on the boat, which are meant to be notes that will inform his newest project. These slips all have random bits of information on them, including names that are particularly significant to Phaedrus's work. He uses this method for keeping notes, as he believes that his style is more conducive to being able to access random information than detailed, organized volumes.

3. Describe Dusenberry's career.

Dusenberry was an eccentric, associate English professor at Montana State College who was pursuing his PhD in anthropology. His focus was on the Chippewa-Cree American Indians and was actually an advisor to the American Indian students on campus. However, despite his accomplishments, he was shunned by his anthropological peers, as Dusenberry could not accept the idea that one should remain objective in anthropology.

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