Lila: An Inquiry Into Morals Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Robert M. Pirsig
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Part I: Chapters 1-15

• Phaedrus wakes up on his boat with Lila.

• Phaedrus remembers that Lila had come back to his boat with him after getting angry and dumped by her boyfriend.

• He realizes Lila's presence will make his work a little more difficult to do.

• The reader is introduced to the "Metaphysics of Quality."
• Phaedrus remembers Dusenberry.

• Some detail is given of Dusenberry's anthropological work with American Indians.

• Dusenberry's work influence Phaedrus, who decides to devote his next project to exploring the American Indian as the roots of the American culture.
• Phaedrus ponders the audacity behind trying to rebuild the science behind anthropology.

• The term "Victorian" is introduced, which he uses to refer to a pattern of manners that have existed in society for years.

• He decides to examine "values" as a unit of "measure" in anthropology, leading him to state that the Metaphysics of Quality will...

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