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Short Answer Questions

1. What signals the presence of Mama Elena's ghost in the room with Tita?

2. What does Tita drop as soon as she sees Rosaura watching her?

3. Who is traveling with John in order to meet Tita as well?

4. Who has written a letter to Tita, thanking her for the clothes?

5. Who is the groom at the wedding celebration?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Communication happens in a variety of ways in this story - sometimes through cooking, other times through words, etc.

Part 1: What is the importance of communication in this story? What does it do for the characters?

Part 2: Which type of communication do you think is the strongest form? Why?

Part 3: With all of the different forms of communication, what kinds of problems could result for the characters?

Essay Topic 2

Each of the sisters in this story seem to enter into vastly different lives as the story moves on.

Part 1: Compare and contrast Tita's life with Gertrudius' life.

Part 2: Compare and contrast Tita's life with Rosaura's life.

Part 3: Why do you think all of the sisters turned out so differently?

Essay Topic 3

Tears seem to play an important role in this story as well. They seem to creep up not only in sad times, but also in happy times as well.

Part 1: In what ways are tears healing in this story?

Part 2: in what ways are tears painful within this story?

Part 3: How can tears provide both functions? Why does Tita in particular need tears to provide both functions?

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