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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is one of the two physical responses the guests have when they eat the wedding cake?
(a) Bleeding
(b) Blackouts
(c) Swelling
(d) Headaches

2. What does John give to Tita to help her with the task he has given to her?
(a) Piece of phosphorus
(b) Music
(c) A fine meal
(d) Paper

3. Who is helping Tita make the wedding cake for Pedro and his new wife?
(a) Gertrudis
(b) Rosaura
(c) Nacha
(d) Mama

4. Life is the delight of __________, according to Tita.
(a) Family
(b) Love
(c) Food
(d) Happiness

5. What does Pedro tell Tita in a private moment they share before the wedding?
(a) He will take her away
(b) He is happy
(c) He is not going to marry her sister
(d) He is in love with Rosaura

Short Answer Questions

1. They had to kill the ____________ to keep them from being stolen.

2. What does Tita sob on that she had been creating for her married life?

3. The person who comes to gather Tita finds her naked and covered in ___________ and droppings.

4. Tita is no longer the __________ that the doctor remembers.

5. What does Tita use to help fatten up the main ingredient for her recipe?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why is the pantry at the ranch suddenly severely depleted in its stock?

2. Why does Tita tell Chechna about all of the things happening in her mind?

3. Why won't the cake batter thicken as Tita is stirring it in preparation for the wedding of Pedro and Rosaura?

4. Why can the old Indian women and Tita speak without saying any words aloud?

5. Whose wedding are Tita and Pedro at during the last chapter of the book?

6. What happened when the Indian women went to the bedside of John's great great grandfather?

7. What does Tita tell Pedro after he expressed his displeasure in her marriage choice?

8. What does Chechna say she will tell Mama about Tita's idea about not coming home?

9. What does Pedro say when Tita tells him that she is actually not pregnant, as she once believed.

10. What happens when Tita screams at her mother's ghost, letting out all of her rage?

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