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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Life is the delight of __________, according to Tita.
(a) Happiness
(b) Family
(c) Love
(d) Food

2. Gertrudis runs away, _____________, in the field after the fire begins.
(a) With Tita
(b) Naked
(c) Dressed up
(d) Maniacally

3. Where does John end up taking Tita instead of to the asylum?
(a) Back home
(b) The convent
(c) The church
(d) His home

4. John realizes that Tita's ___________ are wet and that he needs to dry them slowly.
(a) Batter mixes
(b) Truths
(c) Tears
(d) Matches

5. What does Tita discover about Nacha when she goes to her room?
(a) She is dead
(b) She is waiting for her
(c) She is with a man
(d) She has packed up her things

Short Answer Questions

1. Gertrudis begins to imagine one of Pancho Villa's ___________ she had seen in the town square the week before.

2. What does Tita do that makes her run away from Mama?

3. Tita is no longer the __________ that the doctor remembers.

4. What is Tita looking for when she is wandering around the garden at the beginning of the chapter?

5. From miles away, __________ sees the rose scented cloud from Gertrudis.

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Pedro bring to Tita as she is now the head cook at the ranch?

2. What is the occasion Tita is preparing the turkeys for?

3. What had John's grandmother told him about people and what it meant that they had a box of matches inside?

4. What does Tita do in order to trick the child into sleeping in her own room instead of in the kitchen?

5. Why won't the cake batter thicken as Tita is stirring it in preparation for the wedding of Pedro and Rosaura?

6. When Tita tells Rosaura that she married her boyfriend, what is Rosaura's response to this?

7. Why has Tita lost her interest in cooking at this time of the book, causing her to avoid her kitchen duties?

8. Why are Chechna and Tita supposed to be making as many sausages as possible?

9. What does a person need in order to make matches for themselves?

10. What is Tita doing in the garden at the opening of this chapter instead of working in the kitchen?

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