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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the celebration for which Tita is cooking in the kitchen? The celebration of the ____________.
(a) Wedding of Gertrudis
(b) Wedding of Pedro
(c) End of her single life
(d) Birth of Robert

2. Where does Mama Elena decide she wants Tita taken?
(a) Church for confession
(b) Convent
(c) Insane asylum
(d) A new family

3. John realizes that Tita's ___________ are wet and that he needs to dry them slowly.
(a) Tears
(b) Truths
(c) Matches
(d) Batter mixes

4. What does Gertrudis decide to do in response to her physical reaction?
(a) Shower
(b) Cook
(c) Read
(d) Sing

5. What is the color of the roses that Pedro brings to Tita?
(a) Yellow
(b) Red
(c) White
(d) Pink

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Pedro do in order to help Rosaura with her labor?

2. What does Pedro tell Tita in a private moment they share before the wedding?

3. Before the worst of the physical symptoms began, __________ left the reception.

4. What is the one thing Tita is upset the people from #79 stole when they came to the ranch?

5. Tita needs to fatten up the _______________ before she can use them in a recipe.

Short Essay Questions

1. What does the letter from Gertrudis say to Tita besides that she hopes to see her again?

2. What is Rosaura's health problem since giving birth to her baby girl?

3. Why do Pedro and Tita leave together when they first speak about it?

4. What does the solider do when he finally sees Gertrudis running naked in the field?

5. What happens when a strong cold gust of air blows into the room as Tita is preparing bread?

6. What does Pedro say to Tita when they are dancing together, making her cry?

7. What has happened to Rosaura, as Tita sees after coming back from Pedro's room?

8. Where does John the doctor end up taking Tita after bringing her from her home?

9. Why does Tita eventually scream, sending her running up into the dovecote?

10. What does Pedro bring to Tita as she is now the head cook at the ranch?

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