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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Pedro do in order to help Rosaura with her labor?
(a) Goes to town to get a doctor
(b) Prays
(c) Boils water
(d) Gets new bedsheets

2. The solider and Gertrudis _____________ without breaking the stride of his horse.
(a) Introduce themselves
(b) Get married
(c) Run away
(d) Make love

3. What does Tita do that makes her run away from Mama?
(a) Break the mixing bowl
(b) Break a window
(c) Scream
(d) Flirt with Pedro

4. What does Tita use to help fatten up the main ingredient for her recipe?
(a) Almonds
(b) Pecans
(c) Sunflower seeds
(d) Walnuts

5. Every person but ________ has fallen under a spell at the wedding.
(a) Mama
(b) Rosaura
(c) Tita
(d) Pedro

6. How is Tita's posture described as she is standing over the grinding machine?
(a) Spastic
(b) Erotic
(c) Heavy
(d) Ungraceful

7. How much older is Rosaura than Tita?
(a) 2 years
(b) 4 years
(c) 1 year
(d) 5 years

8. What does Tita do for the child when the mother is unable to do so?
(a) Breastfeeds him
(b) Changes his clothes
(c) Sings to him
(d) Rocks him to sleep

9. What has Tita completely lost interest in since Pedro has left?
(a) Dancing
(b) Roberto
(c) Cooking
(d) Singing

10. Where does Tita escape to after her confrontation with Mama?
(a) The doctor's house
(b) The village
(c) The kitchen
(d) Dovecote

11. Tita feels a strong love for the ______________, something which completely surprises her.
(a) Married couple
(b) Position of Mama
(c) Soldier
(d) Newborn

12. When Tita's sausage creatures were offered in the making of _____________, she was not upset.
(a) Sabbath cakes
(b) Holiday gifts
(c) Christmas rolls
(d) Wedding favors

13. What does the old woman wear around her head?
(a) Thick braids
(b) A string of feathers
(c) A wool shawl
(d) A round hat

14. Before the worst of the physical symptoms began, __________ left the reception.
(a) Pedro
(b) Tita
(c) Rosaura
(d) Mama

15. Who comes to gather up Tita at Mama's request?
(a) A soldier
(b) Pedro
(c) A priest
(d) John

Short Answer Questions

1. What do the guests at the wedding begin to do after they eat the wedding cake?

2. Who does Pedro bring with him when he goes to visit the women in the kitchen?

3. Tita used to shape ____________ into animals as though they were balloons.

4. Who would have stolen the items in #78 if they had not killed them?

5. John's grandmother ended up helping his great great ________________.

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