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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Pedro's wife, who is _____________, does not appreciate the gesture of Pedro.
(a) Working
(b) Pregnant
(c) Sick
(d) Harvesting

2. Before the worst of the physical symptoms began, __________ left the reception.
(a) Rosaura
(b) Tita
(c) Pedro
(d) Mama

3. Tita's Mama will not allow any _______ and warns her to behave.
(a) Manipulation
(b) Other plan
(c) Peace
(d) Outburst

4. They had to kill the ____________ to keep them from being stolen.
(a) Animals
(b) Grains
(c) Plants
(d) Trees

5. The solider and Gertrudis _____________ without breaking the stride of his horse.
(a) Run away
(b) Introduce themselves
(c) Get married
(d) Make love

6. Tita screams at her mother because Mama gave her ______________ too many.
(a) One criticism
(b) One order
(c) One rule
(d) One excuse

7. Why is Tita no longer interested in being in the kitchen?
(a) She wants to upset Mama
(b) She can not think of anything to cook
(c) She is sick
(d) Pedro and his family have left

8. How much older is Rosaura than Tita?
(a) 4 years
(b) 5 years
(c) 2 years
(d) 1 year

9. What does Tita do for the child when the mother is unable to do so?
(a) Changes his clothes
(b) Sings to him
(c) Rocks him to sleep
(d) Breastfeeds him

10. How is Tita's posture described as she is standing over the grinding machine?
(a) Spastic
(b) Ungraceful
(c) Erotic
(d) Heavy

11. They will need 180 _________ in order to make the cake for the wedding day.
(a) Cups of sugar
(b) Bags of flour
(c) Eggs
(d) Apricots

12. What is Tita looking for when she is wandering around the garden at the beginning of the chapter?
(a) Worms
(b) Peppers
(c) Beans
(d) Tomatoes

13. What does Mama Elena instruct to be taken away from Tita?
(a) Her favorite cookbook
(b) The ladder
(c) Her room
(d) Her birth certificate

14. The pleasure and warmth that finally explode into passion will nourish the ______________.
(a) Soul
(b) Child
(c) Marriage
(d) Art

15. What does Gertrudis begin to do when she tastes the sauce Tita has prepared?
(a) Speak in tongues
(b) Laugh
(c) Jump up and down
(d) Sweat

Short Answer Questions

1. What does John ask Tita to do for him in order to help him understand why she doesn't speak?

2. What do the guests at the wedding begin to do after they eat the wedding cake?

3. Who is helping Tita make the wedding cake for Pedro and his new wife?

4. Who is dramatically affected by the sauce which Tita has prepared?

5. Who comes to gather up Tita at Mama's request?

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