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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who comes to visit the women in the kitchen, asking for one of the daughter's hands in marriage?
(a) John
(b) Ricardo
(c) Pedro
(d) Tomas

2. What does Tita sob on that she had been creating for her married life?
(a) Wedding dress
(b) Pillow
(c) Handkerchief
(d) Bedspread

3. To prepare the little cardboard strips to become matches, they should be coated with potassium nitrate and ____________.
(a) Gunpowder
(b) Water
(c) Salt
(d) Magnesium

4. What kind of sauce does Tita make which is simply exquisite?
(a) Quail feather
(b) Zucchini
(c) Rose petal sauce
(d) Tomato

5. Tita's great aunt reportedly also cried a lot, even when she was in the ____________.
(a) Garden
(b) Church
(c) Market
(d) Womb

6. Tita used to shape ____________ into animals as though they were balloons.
(a) Vegetables
(b) Breads
(c) Fruits
(d) Sausages

7. Who does Mama say that the man can marry, as opposed to the one he wanted to marry?
(a) Tita
(b) No one
(c) Rosaura
(d) Gertrudis

8. The youngest daughter cannot ____________, according to Mama Elena.
(a) Have babies
(b) Cook
(c) Marry
(d) Learn to read

9. What has Tita completely lost interest in since Pedro has left?
(a) Cooking
(b) Dancing
(c) Roberto
(d) Singing

10. Where does Tita escape to after her confrontation with Mama?
(a) The doctor's house
(b) The village
(c) Dovecote
(d) The kitchen

11. Who walks in as Pedro and Tita are staring into each other's eyes?
(a) Rosaura
(b) Chechna
(c) Mama
(d) John

12. Who was able to stave off the rebels from the house?
(a) Mama Elena
(b) Tita
(c) Rosaura
(d) Chechna

13. Gertrudis begins to imagine one of Pancho Villa's ___________ she had seen in the town square the week before.
(a) Horses
(b) Maps
(c) Wagons
(d) Soldiers

14. ______________ warns Pedro and Tita to keep their heads about them.
(a) Nacha
(b) Mama
(c) Chechna
(d) Rosaura

15. Gertrudis runs away, _____________, in the field after the fire begins.
(a) Naked
(b) With Tita
(c) Maniacally
(d) Dressed up

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Mama want Pedro and his new family to go?

2. What does Tita use to help fatten up the main ingredient for her recipe?

3. What does the old woman wear around her head?

4. Pedro sees Tita bending over the ______________ and he is mesmerized.

5. Tita is no longer the __________ that the doctor remembers.

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