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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why can't the other relatives get back to the ranch to help Rosaura?
(a) There is a death in the family
(b) They were stopped by federales
(c) They didn't know about the birth
(d) The mist is too great

2. They had to kill the ____________ to keep them from being stolen.
(a) Grains
(b) Trees
(c) Animals
(d) Plants

3. The pleasure and warmth that finally explode into passion will nourish the ______________.
(a) Child
(b) Soul
(c) Marriage
(d) Art

4. What will not thicken as a result of Tita's many tears?
(a) Cake batter
(b) Icing
(c) Tea
(d) Sauce

5. What does Gertrudis decide to do in response to her physical reaction?
(a) Sing
(b) Cook
(c) Shower
(d) Read

6. Tita used to shape ____________ into animals as though they were balloons.
(a) Breads
(b) Sausages
(c) Fruits
(d) Vegetables

7. What does Tita do that makes her run away from Mama?
(a) Scream
(b) Flirt with Pedro
(c) Break a window
(d) Break the mixing bowl

8. What does Pedro tell Tita in a private moment they share before the wedding?
(a) He is happy
(b) He is not going to marry her sister
(c) He is in love with Rosaura
(d) He will take her away

9. What does Gertrudis begin to do when she tastes the sauce Tita has prepared?
(a) Laugh
(b) Jump up and down
(c) Speak in tongues
(d) Sweat

10. Gertrudis runs away, _____________, in the field after the fire begins.
(a) Dressed up
(b) Naked
(c) With Tita
(d) Maniacally

11. Who will be furious if Tita is not found in the kitchen as she was directed to be?
(a) Gertrudis
(b) Pedro
(c) Mama
(d) Chechna

12. Who was able to stave off the rebels from the house?
(a) Tita
(b) Rosaura
(c) Mama Elena
(d) Chechna

13. Tita feels a strong love for the ______________, something which completely surprises her.
(a) Position of Mama
(b) Married couple
(c) Newborn
(d) Soldier

14. What does Tita miss about the doves in the dovecote?
(a) Their feathers
(b) The sight
(c) The way they'd sit on her arms
(d) Their cooing

15. What did the Indian woman become as a result of her success with the sick relative?
(a) A teacher at a college
(b) A medicine woman to the city
(c) Family doctor
(d) An equal

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Mama want Pedro and his new family to go?

2. John's grandmother ended up helping his great great ________________.

3. What does Tita discover about Nacha when she goes to her room?

4. Pedro and Tita see the events of Gertrudis from __________ a distance away.

5. What does John ask Tita to do for him in order to help him understand why she doesn't speak?

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