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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Pedro sees Tita bending over the ______________ and he is mesmerized.
(a) Grinding machine
(b) Corn
(c) Stove
(d) Sink

2. Tita wonders who will _______________ if she does not have any daughters of her own.
(a) Take care of her
(b) Make a home for her
(c) Cook
(d) Sing to her

3. What does Tita continue to do until Mama leaves the kitchen?
(a) Yell
(b) Sing a song
(c) Sigh
(d) Beats the cake

4. John's grandmother ended up helping his great great ________________.
(a) Uncle
(b) Grandfather
(c) Aunt
(d) Grandmother

5. What did other medical practitioners try to do for his sick relative from #98?
(a) Nothing
(b) Bleed him with leeches
(c) Give him medicine
(d) Pray

6. Why can't the other relatives get back to the ranch to help Rosaura?
(a) They were stopped by federales
(b) There is a death in the family
(c) They didn't know about the birth
(d) The mist is too great

7. Who is dramatically affected by the sauce which Tita has prepared?
(a) Gertrudis
(b) Tita
(c) Rosaura
(d) Pedro

8. From miles away, __________ sees the rose scented cloud from Gertrudis.
(a) Mama
(b) Rosaura
(c) Tita
(d) A solider

9. Tita's great aunt reportedly also cried a lot, even when she was in the ____________.
(a) Womb
(b) Church
(c) Garden
(d) Market

10. They had to kill the ____________ to keep them from being stolen.
(a) Trees
(b) Grains
(c) Animals
(d) Plants

11. What does Pedro do in order to help Rosaura with her labor?
(a) Gets new bedsheets
(b) Boils water
(c) Prays
(d) Goes to town to get a doctor

12. Where does Tita escape to after her confrontation with Mama?
(a) Dovecote
(b) The doctor's house
(c) The village
(d) The kitchen

13. Who was able to stave off the rebels from the house?
(a) Chechna
(b) Rosaura
(c) Tita
(d) Mama Elena

14. The youngest daughter cannot ____________, according to Mama Elena.
(a) Learn to read
(b) Have babies
(c) Marry
(d) Cook

15. What do the guests at the wedding begin to do after they eat the wedding cake?
(a) Faint
(b) Laugh
(c) Dance wildly
(d) Wail and cry

Short Answer Questions

1. Pedro's wife, who is _____________, does not appreciate the gesture of Pedro.

2. What does Tita do that makes her run away from Mama?

3. How is Tita's posture described as she is standing over the grinding machine?

4. The cake has ____________ filling and meringue frosting on it.

5. The _________ plans to visit the house every day in order to see the baby.

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