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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How much is the initial offer on Laura's book, Shadrach?
(a) A hundred thousand dollars.
(b) They pay her to stop writting.
(c) Fifty thousand dollars.
(d) Fifteen thousand dollars.

2. Where does the blue-eyed man leave the note for Markwell?
(a) To Lenny's picture.
(b) On a liquor bottle.
(c) On Markwell's bar mirror.
(d) To the front door.

3. What had Stefan's initial plan been when he set out to save Laura, Danny, and Chris in Chapter 3?
(a) He didn't have a plan yet.
(b) To clear the roads.
(c) To down a powerline so they would have to take an alternate route.
(d) To stall them at their house until the danger passed.

4. What does Mrs. Browmaine tell the girls about Tammy?
(a) That Tammy is sick.
(b) That Tammy needs friends.
(c) That Tammy is depressed.
(d) That Tammy can't be in any other room.

5. What does Mrs. Browmain tell Laura that she is going to have her do?
(a) Go to a new foster family.
(b) Stay in her room alone since Laura's roommate has left.
(c) Clean the bathrooms.
(d) Have a room in a new building for just one person.

6. What do the Dockwilers explain is wrong with Nina?
(a) She is diabetic.
(b) She had cancer.
(c) She has stupidity.
(d) She has a bum heart.

7. What does Laura receive in the mail on her twenty-first birthday?
(a) A cat.
(b) A butterfly.
(c) A mole.
(d) A toad.

8. What does Bob realize about the man that comes in to rob his store?
(a) He is a junkie.
(b) He is wanted for murder.
(c) He used to work for Bob.
(d) His father is the chief of police.

9. What does Daniel tell Laura is the reason for giving her all the frogs?
(a) Her story spoke to him.
(b) He loves her.
(c) He loves frogs.
(d) His mother had had a frog collection.

10. What is the third figurine holding that is found on Laura's doorstep?
(a) A giant flower.
(b) A basket.
(c) A banjo.
(d) A drum.

11. What kind of stockbroker does Danny say that he is?
(a) Not good at all.
(b) First rate.
(c) So-so.
(d) Brand new.

12. What does the blue-eyed man ask Markwell about Dr. Carlson?
(a) If he is older or younger.
(b) How many babies he has delivered.
(c) If he has seen Mrs. Shane before.
(d) If he is a good man.

13. Why do the Ackerson twins say no one says anything against Sheener?
(a) The facility covers it up.
(b) Sheener would kill them.
(c) No one believes children.
(d) The kids move out too fast.

14. How old is Laura when her father dies?
(a) Fifteen.
(b) Twenty-two.
(c) Twelve.
(d) Seventeen.

15. What scale does Danny use to describe how good Shadrach is?
(a) An Itallian restaurant versus a mexican restuarant scale.
(b) An umbrella turned upside down scale.
(c) A star scale.
(d) A toad scale.

Short Answer Questions

1. How long does Kokschka know it will be before he sees Laura again?

2. What does Laura realize that Sheener is showing when he looks at her now?

3. What does Dr. Carlson say about the baby girl's hair?

4. What does Kokoschka discover is the reason that Stefan chose to save Laura?

5. At the end of Chapter 1 what does Stefan dream of?

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