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Objective: Bob Shane says that he feels claustrophobic while in the maternity ward waiting room. The objective of this lesson is to look at phobias.

1) Discussion: What is a phobia? What are some common phobias that you are aware of?
2) Classwork: Have the students explain about a phobia that they have. Is it debilitating or just mild? Speculate on the reasons why you are afraid of this.
3) Homework: Ask the students to find a literary work in which there is focus on a phobia of some type. Explain what the phobia is and what the story is about.
4) Debate: Have the students debate whether or not phobias are learned or are part of our nature. Spur the debate by pointing out that most all children are afraid of the dark regardless of what they are told.


Objective: Markwell says that he is partially angry but also...

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