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Short Answer Questions

1. What did Tereza refuse to bring along on her walk with Tomas and Karenin?

2. Approximately how many women had Tomas known?

3. What concerned Tomas about moving to the country?

4. In Part 5, Chapter 25, why was it impossible for Tereza and Tomas to spend the night at the little town outside of Prague?

5. The difference between Tereza and other women is that Tereza had come to Tomas...

Short Essay Questions

1. Prior to suggesting they move there, what experience has Tereza had with country life?

2. Describe Tomas's experience as a window washer.

3. Was Tomas right in not having signed the petition?

4. How do people react as Tomas tries to decide whether or not to retract his article?

5. Why does Tereza yearn to make love to other men?

6. In Part 4, Chapter 13, Tereza has a dream where she admits to the executioner that it wasn't her choice to come to the hill to die. Has she subconsciously renounced responsibility for her actions in order to proceed with what she wants to do?

7. What causes Tereza to suspect the engineer was sent by the secret police?

8. What does Franz realize at the end of his trip to Cambodia?

9. In the end, Tereza knows she has reached her goals. What are her goals?

10. What did Tereza worry would happen if Tomas found out about her affair with the engineer?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Would you have signed the petition to grant amnesty to all political prisoners? Why or why not? Do you agree with Tomas's reasons not to have signed the petition? What is your overall opinion about petitions?

Essay Topic 2

Milan Kundera writes that Franz and Simon are the dreamers of this novel.

1. Compare and contrast the characters of Franz and Simon. How are they the same? How are they different?

2. What purpose does Franza and Simon serve in the novel? Use 3 events from the book where Franz and Simon's characters have an influence on the theme, and the characters, of the book.

3. Who is the bigger dreamer, Franz or Simon? Cite several examples from the book to support your case.

Essay Topic 3

Tomas and Tereza are brought together by fortuitous events.

1. Kandera often brings up the fortuitous events that brought Tomas and Tereza together. How many times does Kandera bring this up> What is he trying to say? Were Tereza and Tomas brought together by chance or fate?

2. Tomas questions the fortuitous events that brought him and Tereza together. Why didn't Tomas go beyond the questioning and conclude whether or not they did belong together? Was Tomas too passive in the relationship, allowing for those fortuitous events to lead the meaning of the relationship? Cite 3 examples that prove your theory.

3. Tereza holds steady to the fortuitous events that brought her to Tomas. Why does that not bring her peace? Cite 3 examples where she fully recognizes she's in an unhappy relationship.

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