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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In Part 5, Chapter 12, the author states that love begins with a...
(a) happy memories
(b) metaphor
(c) a surrender
(d) a poetic scene

2. In Part 7, Chapter 6, what animal does Tereza dream of?
(a) a horse
(b) a mouse
(c) a dog
(d) a rabbit

3. What did the man from the Ministry want from Tomas?
(a) to transfer to another clinic
(b) to make a public apology
(c) to tell the truth about who the editor was
(d) to sign a letter

4. In Part 5, Chapter 28, what did Tereza want to tell Tomas on their way back to Prague?
(a) about her affair with the engineer
(b) she wanted to quit her job at the bar
(c) to do something that would help stop her jealousy
(d) she wanted them to move to the country

5. What did Tomas catch Tereza do that upset him?
(a) search his desk
(b) give Karenin chocolate
(c) read his letters
(d) make a grave for Karenin

Short Answer Questions

1. In Part 5, Chapter 28, on their way back to Prague, what did Tereza brood about?

2. In Part 5, Chapter 2, who does the author attribute the works of the Communist regime of Central Europe?

3. What did Tereza do the moment after she had sex with the engineer?

4. In Part 5, Chapter 7, Tomas recalls how after leaving Zurich for Prague, he felt he...

5. What Czech text was written on the poster hanging on the editor's wall?

Short Essay Questions

1. What did Tereza worry would happen if Tomas found out about her affair with the engineer?

2. Kundera writes, whenever a single political movement corners power, we find ourselves in the realm of totalitarian kitsch. What does he mean by the word "totalitarian?"

3. Once she's in his home, how does Tereza behave that announces she does not condone what is happening (the lovemaking) between her and the engineer?

4. What is at stake if Tomas does not retract the article he wrote?

5. In the end, Tereza knows she has reached her goals. What are her goals?

6. What does Franz realize at the end of his trip to Cambodia?

7. Does Tomas make a mistake by returning to Prague from Zurich?

8. After making love to the engineer, what does Tereza desire to do?

9. Is it Tereza's fault that Tomas had to leave his profession and ended up a truck driver in the country?

10. In Part 4, Chapter 13, Tereza has a dream where she admits to the executioner that it wasn't her choice to come to the hill to die. Has she subconsciously renounced responsibility for her actions in order to proceed with what she wants to do?

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