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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What was Franz's initial reaction when he was invited to go to Cambodia?
(a) thrilled
(b) angry
(c) indifferent
(d) bothered

2. What was Sabina's fantasy about her and Tomas?
(a) Tomas tearing off her clothes
(b) She being seated on a toilet while he watches
(c) Tomas watching her make love to another man
(d) Tomas being seated on the toilet while she watches

3. How did Tomas feel about his window washing job after a while?
(a) regret
(b) he enjoyed hit
(c) pity for himself
(d) he hated it

4. What disease did Karenin have?
(a) kennel cough
(b) canine influenza
(c) cancer
(d) rabies

5. How did the engineer respond to Tereza's resistance?
(a) He became frustrated and hostile
(b) He asked her if she wanted to stop
(c) He soothed her by stroking her face
(d) He pressed himself onto her even harder

Short Answer Questions

1. What did the U.S. Senator Sabina was riding with consider happiness?

2. Why did Tereza respond as she did to the engineer's advances?

3. What was the incident that Tomas could not recall with his lover?

4. Why didn't Tomas and Tereza have children?

5. What was Tereza's and Tomas's love supported on?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe Simon's relationship with his mother.

2. Kundera writes, whenever a single political movement corners power, we find ourselves in the realm of totalitarian kitsch. What does he mean by the word "totalitarian?"

3. After making love to the engineer, what does Tereza desire to do?

4. Why does Franz change his mind and decide to go to Cambodia?

5. When talking to his son, Simon, what is Tomas's attitude about the article he had written?

6. What is "kitsch?"

7. How do people react as Tomas tries to decide whether or not to retract his article?

8. What does the article about the dogs being summarily shot in Russia signify for Tereza?

9. Describe Tomas's work at the clinic.

10. What does Franz realize at the end of his trip to Cambodia?

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