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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In Part 5, Chapter 28, what did Tereza want to tell Tomas on their way back to Prague?
(a) to do something that would help stop her jealousy
(b) she wanted to quit her job at the bar
(c) she wanted them to move to the country
(d) about her affair with the engineer

2. Who were many of Tomas's private customers?
(a) people who needed medical help
(b) his women lovers
(c) old friends
(d) his former patients

3. In Part 5, Chapter 23, Tomas has a dream of a woman he'd never met before, who was...
(a) resembles Sabina
(b) resembles Tereza in appearance but not in personality
(c) the woman of his dreams
(d) is strong like his mother

4. What did making love with the engineer in the absence of love do to Tereza?
(a) it darkened her soul's sight
(b) it liberated her
(c) it restored her soul's sight
(d) it confined her soul

5. What did Tereza feel she was doing by going to the engineer's house?
(a) She was deceiving Tomas
(b) She was breaking free from Tomas
(c) She was changing her life for good
(d) She was following Tomas's command

Short Answer Questions

1. What happened when the interpreter that headed the march requested permission to enter the territory of Cambodia?

2. When did Tomas realize the strange man was interrogating him?

3. How did Tomas feel after the petition was published?

4. What were Soviet films saturated with?

5. What did Sabina rebel agains?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is at stake if Tomas does not retract the article he wrote?

2. Does Tomas make a mistake by returning to Prague from Zurich?

3. Describe Tomas's experience as a window washer.

4. How do people react as Tomas tries to decide whether or not to retract his article?

5. In Part 5, Chapter 10, what distinguishes the women who looks like a giraffe and a stork from others?

6. What does the article about the dogs being summarily shot in Russia signify for Tereza?

7. In Part 4, Chapter 13, Tereza has a dream where she admits to the executioner that it wasn't her choice to come to the hill to die. Has she subconsciously renounced responsibility for her actions in order to proceed with what she wants to do?

8. Prior to suggesting they move there, what experience has Tereza had with country life?

9. In Part 5, Chapter 12, what incident with one of his lovers, who he always took to his friend's house, causes Tomas to be appalled?

10. Once she's in his home, how does Tereza behave that announces she does not condone what is happening (the lovemaking) between her and the engineer?

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