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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Approximately how many women has Tomas known?
(a) Two hundred women.
(b) Fifty women.
(c) A hundred women.
(d) Four hundred women.

2. How does Tomas end up being a window washer?
(a) He does not sign a letter the secret police requests of him.
(b) He says terrible things about the secret police in front of the man from the Ministry.
(c) He signs a petition.
(d) He has conversation about Communists which is wired and publicized.

3. Sabina likes America...
(a) Only on the surface.
(b) Only when she goes there with Franz.
(c) Because it gives her complete freedom.
(d) Because she has no trouble selling her paintings.

4. What does Tereza fear is meant by the engineer never showing up again?
(a) He was sent by the secret police.
(b) He was sick minded and had lured her there to take pictures.
(c) He was sent by one of Tomas's women.
(d) He was sent by the drunk, bald-headed man.

5. In Part 5, Chapter 2, who does the author attribute the works of the Communist regime of Central Europe?
(a) Enthusiasts who are convinced they have discovered the only road to paradise.
(b) Criminals who are after wealth.
(c) Enthusiasts who want power.
(d) Criminals who care only about themselves.

Short Answer Questions

1. What happens to Tomas's son as the result of the petition campaign?

2. What helps ease Tereza's anxiety when she enters the engineer's house?

3. How does Tereza feel in the country?

4. What desire leads to Tomas's pursuit of women?

5. Tomas had come to medicine by...

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