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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Sabina understood Franz's...
(a) His desire to fight Communism
(b) His need to be a part of her world
(c) His love for his wife and daughter
(d) Distaste for America

2. What did Marie-Claude do to spend her time while in the hospital?
(a) Paint
(b) Read books
(c) Knit
(d) Listen to the radio

3. What may have attributed to the female puppy, Karenin, falling in love wtih Tereza rather than Tomas?
(a) Tereza's attachment to the dog
(b) Tereza's familiarity with pets
(c) Being given a boy's name
(d) Tomas's long absence from home

4. What was Marie-Claud's reaction upon hearing of her husband's infidelity?
(a) She tried to be calm and collective
(b) She laughed it off as if it were a joke
(c) She was not at all disturbed
(d) She was very disturbed

5. What did Tereza purchase every morning for Karenin?
(a) A roll
(b) Slice of cake
(c) A bisquit
(d) A sandwich

Short Answer Questions

1. When they were living in Zunich, what incident caused Tereza to pack her suitcase, take Karenin and leave for Prague while Tomas was at work?

2. Who did Sabina's bowler hat belong to?

3. In chapter 1, where does Franza want to take Sabina?

4. Why was Tomas attracted to Tereza?

5. Why did Tomas oppose Tereza visiting her mother when she heard she had cancer?

Short Essay Questions

1. What did the bowler hat represent for Sabina?

2. What were Tereza's dreams about?

3. Why did Tomas initially reject the Swiss doctor's office to in Switzerland?

4. In Part 3, Chapter 4, what is the immigrant's reaction to Sabina's behavior?

5. What did the dream about the naked women in the pool, who resembled each other and who were one by one executed by Tomas, represent?

6. What did Tereza feel when she stood naked in front of Sabina as Sabina photographed her?

7. How does Franz expect Marie-Claude to react to his confession about his affairs and how does she actually respond?

8. What is Sabina's views on conflict?

9. What were books for Tereza?

10. Is reaching the lightness of being Sabina's goal?

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