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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did Marie-Claude's say about the serious car accident she once had?
(a) The accident helped her appreciate her husband and daughter
(b) The accident caused her to never want to drive again
(c) She'd never had more fun than when she was in the hospital
(d) She'd never had more rest than when she was in the hospital

2. What type of teenager was Tereza?
(a) Lazy
(b) Rebellios
(c) Responsible
(d) Proud

3. What did Sabina do to get back at Tomas for looking at his watch while they made love?
(a) Hide one his socks
(b) Leave lipstick on his shirt
(c) Take away his watch
(d) Spray his jacket with perfume

4. What may have attributed to the female puppy, Karenin, falling in love wtih Tereza rather than Tomas?
(a) Tereza's familiarity with pets
(b) Being given a boy's name
(c) Tomas's long absence from home
(d) Tereza's attachment to the dog

5. What was Tereza training for since childhood?
(a) In the morning, buying breakfast for her husband
(b) During sleep, holding hands of the man she loved
(c) Stroking her the hair of the man she loved while he lay asleep
(d) Falling asleep while in the embrace of the man she loves

Short Answer Questions

1. What made Tomas jealous at the bar, where he and Tereza met with friends to celebrate Tereza's promotion?

2. Why wouldn't the magazine editor publish Tereza's photographs?

3. What was the one thing that Tereza's mother did not allow to exist in her home?

4. Why did Tereza stay at Tomas's home for a week during her initial visit?

5. What world evoked in Sabina a sweet, nostalgic memory of her homeland?

Short Essay Questions

1. "That pendant is ugly," Marie-Claude says to Sabina. Why does she make such a remark?

2. What did Tereza feel when she stood naked in front of Sabina as Sabina photographed her?

3. In Part 3, Chapter 4, what is the immigrant's reaction to Sabina's behavior?

4. What happens to Franz after Sabina leaves him for good?

5. In Part 4, Chapter 3, describe the meeting of the the crowd of umbrellas in the street which Tereza encounters.

6. What did the bowler hat represent for Sabina?

7. Describe Franz's weakness.

8. How does Franz expect Marie-Claude to react to his confession about his affairs and how does she actually respond?

9. What is Tereza's relationship with her body?

10. What is Sabina's views on conflict?

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