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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did Tereza understand the benches floating downstream to mean in her dream?
(a) something bad was about to happen
(b) death
(c) a farewell
(d) she was no longer going to be a burdon

2. In what condition did Tereza and Karenin find the black crow under?
(a) Lying on dirt, its wings cut off
(b) From neck down, buried in dirt
(c) One of its feet cut off
(d) Wounded and bleeding

3. What did Tereza's suggestion about moving to the country do to Tomas?
(a) rejuvenated
(b) enthusiastic
(c) depressed
(d) old

4. What did Tomas catch Tereza do that upset him?
(a) make a grave for Karenin
(b) read his letters
(c) search his desk
(d) give Karenin chocolate

5. What did Tereza see in the crow's solitude and desolation?
(a) that the world was a cruel place
(b) that it was a good thing not to have children
(c) a reflection of her own fate
(d) that the world was a lonely place

6. In Part 5, Chapter 23, Tomas has a dream of a woman he'd never met before, who was...
(a) the woman of his dreams
(b) is strong like his mother
(c) resembles Tereza in appearance but not in personality
(d) resembles Sabina

7. What was the only reason Simon became involved with the editor?
(a) he knew the could help his father regain his job
(b) he really believed in the idea of helping political prisoners
(c) the editor's fate reminded him of his father
(d) he knew he would be able to convince his father to sign the petition

8. When asked to sign the letter, why didn't Tomas give the secret policeman an immediate and unconditional "no"?
(a) He feared they would print the statement with or without his consent
(b) he was afraid of losing his job
(c) he wanted time to convince himself to sign
(d) he wanted to first talk it over with Tereza

9. What was Sabina's fantasy about her and Tomas?
(a) Tomas tearing off her clothes
(b) Tomas watching her make love to another man
(c) Tomas being seated on the toilet while she watches
(d) She being seated on a toilet while he watches

10. The difference between Tereza and other women is that Tereza had come to Tomas...
(a) untouched
(b) innocent
(c) uncovered
(d) with confidence

11. What desire led to Tomas's pursuit of women?
(a) possession of the world
(b) power
(c) pleasure
(d) accumulation of different experiences

12. When the engineer undressed Tereza, how did she respond?
(a) She assisted him
(b) She asked him to stop
(c) Neutral
(d) She resisted him

13. The image of the abandoned child Tomas had of Tereza reflected on which ancient myth?
(a) Sophocles' Philoctetes
(b) Sophocles' Oedipus
(c) Sophocles' Electra
(d) Sophocles' Antigone

14. How did Tomas feel after the petition was published?
(a) he wished he had signed
(b) he questioned whether or not he should have signed
(c) he considered writing an article about the petition
(d) he was glad he had not signed

15. How did Tomas feel about his window washing job after a while?
(a) pity for himself
(b) he enjoyed hit
(c) he hated it
(d) regret

Short Answer Questions

1. What most repelled Sabina of Communism?

2. Why was Tomas called to the editor's office?

3. What were Soviet films saturated with?

4. What did Franz come to realize was his real life?

5. In Part 7, Chapter 6, what animal does Tereza dream of?

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