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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who were many of Tomas's private customers?
(a) his women lovers
(b) people who needed medical help
(c) old friends
(d) his former patients

2. What did Tereza fear it meant by the engineer never showing up again?
(a) He was sent by the drunk bald headed man
(b) He was sent by the secret police
(c) He was sick minded and had lured her there to take pictures
(d) He was sent by one of Tomas's women

3. At the engineer's house, what made Tereza feel as though TOmas had purposely left a trace?
(a) Sophocles' Philoctetes
(b) Sophocles' Electra
(c) Sophocles' Antigone
(d) Sophocles' Oedipus

4. The author describes kitsch as the absolute denial of
(a) betrayal
(b) untruth
(c) shit
(d) ugliness

5. When the engineer undressed Tereza, how did she respond?
(a) She assisted him
(b) Neutral
(c) She asked him to stop
(d) She resisted him

6. What episode proved that Tomas was as tired mentally as physically - from having too many erotic engagements?
(a) forgetting about an engagement he had made that same day
(b) running into one of his recent lovers and not recognizing who she was
(c) Get sick at one of the woman's homes
(d) scheduling an engagement on a Sunday, Tereza's and his only day off

7. In Part 4, Chapter 8, what did Tereza know had become of her and Tomas?
(a) She had become a burdon on him
(b) Their love had died
(c) They had become a burdon on each other
(d) He grew more and more distant as time went on

8. The difference between Tereza and other women is that Tereza had come to Tomas...
(a) innocent
(b) untouched
(c) with confidence
(d) uncovered

9. What was Sabina's fantasy about her and Tomas?
(a) She being seated on a toilet while he watches
(b) Tomas watching her make love to another man
(c) Tomas tearing off her clothes
(d) Tomas being seated on the toilet while she watches

10. What did Tomas hint to the doctor after he informed him that he would not retract his statement?
(a) that a threat by all his colleagues to resign would sufface
(b) to find him another way where he could clear up his name
(c) to stand up to those pressuring him to make a retraction
(d) to find him a good job replacement

11. What disease did Karenin have?
(a) rabies
(b) kennel cough
(c) canine influenza
(d) cancer

12. How did Tomas's hospital colleagues react when he saw Tomas at the window shop?
(a) happy
(b) ashamed
(c) encouraging
(d) sympathetic

13. Sabina liked America...
(a) because it gave her complete freedom
(b) because she had no trouble selling her paintings
(c) only when she went there with Franz
(d) only on the surface

14. What does Tereza claim to Tomas during their dance at the hotel's bar?
(a) it was her fault he ended up in the country
(b) from the start, she'd tried to get him away from Sabina
(c) she regretted having been so jealous all those years
(d) she is very happy they are finally together alone

15. What concerned Tomas about moving to the country?
(a) he would be bored by the slow lifestyle
(b) he would have difficulty finding a new woman every week
(c) he would never be able to escape Tereza
(d) he could no longer practice medicine

Short Answer Questions

1. What did Tereza long to end?

2. What did the bald headed man at the bar accuse Tereza of that caused the engineer to step in?

3. The image of the abandoned child Tomas had of Tereza reflected on which ancient myth?

4. In Part 5, Chapter 2, who does the author attribute the works of the Communist regime of Central Europe?

5. What was Tereza's and Tomas's love supported on?

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