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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The man who visits Tomas at the clinic where Tomas is a general practitioner introduces himself as from...
(a) The Ministry of Education.
(b) The Ministry of Health.
(c) The Ministry of the Interior.
(d) The Ministry of Culture.

2. What privilege does Tomas want to grant Karenin that is forbidden to humans?
(a) Euthanasia.
(b) Death in the guise of his loved ones.
(c) Unconditional love.
(d) A peaceful death.

3. When asked to sign the letter, why doesn't Tomas give the secret policeman an immediate and unconditional "no"?
(a) He fears they will print the statement with or without his consent.
(b) He wants to first talk it over with Tereza.
(c) He is afraid of losing his job.
(d) He wants time to convince himself to sign.

4. In Part 7, What does Tomas catch Tereza doing that upsets him?
(a) Her searching his desk.
(b) Her making a grave for Karenin.
(c) Her giving Karenin chocolate.
(d) Her reading his letters.

5. How does Tomas end up being a window washer?
(a) He has conversation about Communists which is wired and publicized.
(b) He signs a petition.
(c) He does not sign a letter the secret police requests of him.
(d) He says terrible things about the secret police in front of the man from the Ministry.

6. What does Tereza feel she is doing by going to the engineer's house?
(a) She is breaking free from Tomas.
(b) She is changing her life for good.
(c) She is following Tomas's command.
(d) She is deceiving Tomas.

7. In Part 4, Chapter 22, Tereza's thoughts about the engineer are...
(a) She hopes she could find a way to forget about him.
(b) She wonders if she could leave Tomas for him.
(c) She prays she will never see him again.
(d) She longs for him to come to the bar and invite her back.

8. In Part 5, Chapter 2, who does the author attribute the works of the Communist regime of Central Europe?
(a) Criminals who are after wealth.
(b) Criminals who care only about themselves.
(c) Enthusiasts who are convinced they have discovered the only road to paradise.
(d) Enthusiasts who want power.

9. How does Tereza feel in the country?
(a) She is lonely.
(b) She is energetic.
(c) She is happy.
(d) She is sad.

10. In Part 5, Chapter 28, on their way back to Prague, what does Tereza brood about?
(a) Tomas's continuous fidelity.
(b) If she should pay the engineer a visit.
(c) Naked pictures of her and the engineer.
(d) Why the engineer never returned to the bar.

11. What is the one thing Tomas associates the words "helping people" with?
(a) Money.
(b) Ideas.
(c) Courage.
(d) Medicine.

12. What type of work does Tomas do on the farm?
(a) He raises pigs.
(b) He looks after the cows.
(c) He becomes a veterinarian.
(d) He drives a truck.

13. Why is Tomas called to the editor's office?
(a) The editor wants Tomas to cut the article to a third.
(b) The editor suggests that Tomas change the word order in one of the sentences.
(c) The editor wants Tomas to sign a permission slip.
(d) The editor requests the removal of one of the sentences from the article.

14. What is Tomas's reaction when one of his mistresses reminds him of an intimate incident he cannot recall?
(a) He is annoyed.
(b) He thinks it's funny.
(c) He is appalled.
(d) He feels burdoned.

15. When does Tomas realize the strange man is interrogating him?
(a) When he askes to meet him alone after work.
(b) When he asks him very personal questions.
(c) When he asks for the editor's name.
(d) When he offers him a job with the government.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the U.S. Senator Sabina is riding with consider happiness?

2. In Part 5, Chapter 7, Tomas recalls how after leaving Zurich for Prague...

3. What does Franz come to realize is his real life?

4. Sabina likes America...

5. What desire leads to Tomas's pursuit of women?

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