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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What was Sabina's fantasy about her and Tomas?
(a) Tomas tearing off her clothes
(b) Tomas being seated on the toilet while she watches
(c) Tomas watching her make love to another man
(d) She being seated on a toilet while he watches

2. What did the U.S. Senator Sabina was riding with consider happiness?
(a) religion
(b) living in America
(c) children
(d) freedom of speech

3. What path did Simon take that he believed his father secretly agreed with?
(a) married with children
(b) an anti-communist
(c) a practicing Catholic
(d) working on a collective farm

4. What did Tomas say is much more important than sending petitions to a president?
(a) leading demonstrations
(b) performing surgery on people
(c) writing articles
(d) digging a half-buried crow out of the ground

5. What did the bald headed man at the bar accuse Tereza of that caused the engineer to step in?
(a) flirting with a 16 year old boy
(b) prostitution
(c) selling alcohol to a minor
(d) being disrespectful to customers

6. How did Tomas describe the editor to the man from the Ministry?
(a) He was tall
(b) He was skinny
(c) He was short
(d) He was fat

7. At the engineer's house, what made Tereza feel as though TOmas had purposely left a trace?
(a) Sophocles' Oedipus
(b) Sophocles' Antigone
(c) Sophocles' Philoctetes
(d) Sophocles' Electra

8. What type of work did Tomas do on the farm?
(a) looked after the cows
(b) drove a truck
(c) vet
(d) raised pigs

9. What did Tereza fear it meant by the engineer never showing up again?
(a) He was sent by the secret police
(b) He was sick minded and had lured her there to take pictures
(c) He was sent by one of Tomas's women
(d) He was sent by the drunk bald headed man

10. What privilege did Tomas want to grant Karenin that was forbidden to humans?
(a) unconditional love
(b) euthanasia
(c) death in the guise of his loved ones
(d) a peaceful death

11. What desire led to Tomas's pursuit of women?
(a) power
(b) pleasure
(c) accumulation of different experiences
(d) possession of the world

12. Approximately how many women had Tomas known?
(a) four hundred
(b) Two hundred
(c) Fifty
(d) a hundred

13. How did the engineer respond to Tereza's resistance?
(a) He became frustrated and hostile
(b) He soothed her by stroking her face
(c) He pressed himself onto her even harder
(d) He asked her if she wanted to stop

14. What helped ease Tereza's anxiety when she entered the engineer's house?
(a) Listening to Beethoven
(b) Having a cup of soup
(c) Drinking a glass of wine
(d) Seeing he had book shelves

15. Why didn't Tomas and Tereza have children?
(a) Tomas did not want them
(b) Tereza did not want them
(c) Tereza could not have children
(d) Tomas could not have children

Short Answer Questions

1. What did the chief surgeon request of Tomas?

2. The difference between Tereza and other women is that Tereza had come to Tomas...

3. What distinguished the woman Tomas met in chapter 10 from other women?

4. In Part 4, Chapter 22, Tereza's thoughts about the engineer are...

5. In Part 7, Chapter 6, what animal does Tereza dream of?

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