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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How did Tomas feel after the petition was published?
(a) he wished he had signed
(b) he considered writing an article about the petition
(c) he was glad he had not signed
(d) he questioned whether or not he should have signed

2. What did Tereza feel she was doing by going to the engineer's house?
(a) She was deceiving Tomas
(b) She was breaking free from Tomas
(c) She was following Tomas's command
(d) She was changing her life for good

3. When asked to sign the letter, why didn't Tomas give the secret policeman an immediate and unconditional "no"?
(a) he wanted to first talk it over with Tereza
(b) he wanted time to convince himself to sign
(c) He feared they would print the statement with or without his consent
(d) he was afraid of losing his job

4. How did Tomas describe the editor to the man from the Ministry?
(a) He was fat
(b) He was skinny
(c) He was tall
(d) He was short

5. How did Tomas's hospital colleagues react when he saw Tomas at the window shop?
(a) happy
(b) sympathetic
(c) ashamed
(d) encouraging

6. What did the U.S. Senator Sabina was riding with consider happiness?
(a) religion
(b) freedom of speech
(c) living in America
(d) children

7. The author describes kitsch as the absolute denial of
(a) ugliness
(b) betrayal
(c) shit
(d) untruth

8. Why didn't Tomas and Tereza have children?
(a) Tereza did not want them
(b) Tereza could not have children
(c) Tomas could not have children
(d) Tomas did not want them

9. In Tereza's dream, what did Karenin give birth to?
(a) two rolls and a bee
(b) rolls, milk and butter
(c) bees and honey
(d) a cow and a pig

10. What does Tereza claim to Tomas during their dance at the hotel's bar?
(a) she regretted having been so jealous all those years
(b) from the start, she'd tried to get him away from Sabina
(c) she is very happy they are finally together alone
(d) it was her fault he ended up in the country

11. What did Sabina rebel agains?
(a) current conventional interpretation of Soviet films
(b) Soviet films with political themes
(c) the Soviet films with happy endings
(d) the reality of the Communist regime

12. In Part 4, Chapter 8, what did Tereza know had become of her and Tomas?
(a) She had become a burdon on him
(b) They had become a burdon on each other
(c) Their love had died
(d) He grew more and more distant as time went on

13. Who were many of Tomas's private customers?
(a) old friends
(b) his women lovers
(c) people who needed medical help
(d) his former patients

14. In Part 4, Chapter 13, Tereza has a nightmare where certain words prevent a man from shooting her. What were her words?
(a) But it wasn't my choice
(b) You don't have the right
(c) Don't do it!
(d) Help me, please!

15. What did Tereza see in the crow's solitude and desolation?
(a) a reflection of her own fate
(b) that the world was a lonely place
(c) that the world was a cruel place
(d) that it was a good thing not to have children

Short Answer Questions

1. What was Tomas's reaction when one of his mistresses reminded him of an intimate incident he couldn't recall?

2. What type of work did Tomas do on the farm?

3. What was Tomas promised if he made the retraction?

4. What happened to Tomas's son as a result of the petition campaign?

5. How did Tereza feel in the country?

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