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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did Tereza feel she was doing by going to the engineer's house?
(a) She was deceiving Tomas
(b) She was changing her life for good
(c) She was breaking free from Tomas
(d) She was following Tomas's command

2. When the engineer undressed Tereza, how did she respond?
(a) She assisted him
(b) She resisted him
(c) She asked him to stop
(d) Neutral

3. How did Tomas describe the editor to the man from the Ministry?
(a) He was skinny
(b) He was short
(c) He was tall
(d) He was fat

4. What was Franz's initial reaction when he was invited to go to Cambodia?
(a) bothered
(b) indifferent
(c) angry
(d) thrilled

5. What did Tereza fear it meant by the engineer never showing up again?
(a) He was sent by one of Tomas's women
(b) He was sick minded and had lured her there to take pictures
(c) He was sent by the secret police
(d) He was sent by the drunk bald headed man

6. How did Tomas's hospital colleagues react when he saw Tomas at the window shop?
(a) ashamed
(b) sympathetic
(c) happy
(d) encouraging

7. What did the man from the Ministry want from Tomas?
(a) to make a public apology
(b) to sign a letter
(c) to tell the truth about who the editor was
(d) to transfer to another clinic

8. What was the incident that Tomas could not recall with his lover?
(a) making love on the kitchen floor
(b) making love in a bathtub while there was a storm outside
(c) making love on a special quilt she'd made
(d) making love on a rug while there was a storm outside

9. Why did Tereza respond as she did to the engineer's advances?
(a) She hoped to quickly get through the experience
(b) She wanted to stop herself from making a mistake
(c) She refused to take any responsibility for what was happening
(d) She didn't want the engineer to fall in love with her

10. What path did Simon take that he believed his father secretly agreed with?
(a) a practicing Catholic
(b) married with children
(c) working on a collective farm
(d) an anti-communist

11. What was Tomas's reaction when one of his mistresses reminded him of an intimate incident he couldn't recall?
(a) annoyed
(b) burdoned
(c) appalled
(d) he thought it funny

12. What did Tereza's suggestion about moving to the country do to Tomas?
(a) old
(b) rejuvenated
(c) enthusiastic
(d) depressed

13. Standing in the anteroom, what saved Tereza from the temptation to burst out crying in the engineer's presence, and thus, fall in love with him?
(a) his crude manners
(b) his harsh voice
(c) his unpleasant voice
(d) his arrogance

14. Approximately how many women had Tomas known?
(a) a hundred
(b) Two hundred
(c) Fifty
(d) four hundred

15. Who were many of Tomas's private customers?
(a) old friends
(b) his former patients
(c) his women lovers
(d) people who needed medical help

Short Answer Questions

1. What distinguished the woman Tomas met in chapter 10 from other women?

2. What did Tereza refuse to bring along on her walk with Tomas and Karenin?

3. What most repelled Sabina of Communism?

4. Why didn't Tomas and Tereza have children?

5. In Part 5, chapter 19, what did the editor say to Tomas when he approached him?

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