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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What was the incident that Tomas could not recall with his lover?
(a) making love in a bathtub while there was a storm outside
(b) making love on the kitchen floor
(c) making love on a rug while there was a storm outside
(d) making love on a special quilt she'd made

2. What did Tereza understand the benches floating downstream to mean in her dream?
(a) a farewell
(b) death
(c) she was no longer going to be a burdon
(d) something bad was about to happen

3. What did Tereza feel she was doing by going to the engineer's house?
(a) She was breaking free from Tomas
(b) She was following Tomas's command
(c) She was deceiving Tomas
(d) She was changing her life for good

4. How did Tereza feel in the country?
(a) happy
(b) sad
(c) lonely
(d) energetic

5. How did the engineer respond to Tereza's resistance?
(a) He pressed himself onto her even harder
(b) He soothed her by stroking her face
(c) He asked her if she wanted to stop
(d) He became frustrated and hostile

6. What did Tereza refuse to bring along on her walk with Tomas and Karenin?
(a) a roll
(b) a camera
(c) chocolate
(d) a leash

7. What Czech text was written on the poster hanging on the editor's wall?
(a) Free Intellectuals from Going into Prison
(b) Have you signed the Two Thousand Words?
(c) Help Politcal Prisoners
(d) End the Russian Occupation

8. What did the chief surgeon request of Tomas?
(a) not to make a public retraction of his past statement
(b) to make a public retraction of his past statement
(c) to consider his family when making a public retraction
(d) to consider his colleagues when deciding whether or not to make the retraction

9. Why did Tereza respond as she did to the engineer's advances?
(a) She refused to take any responsibility for what was happening
(b) She wanted to stop herself from making a mistake
(c) She hoped to quickly get through the experience
(d) She didn't want the engineer to fall in love with her

10. What episode proved that Tomas was as tired mentally as physically - from having too many erotic engagements?
(a) running into one of his recent lovers and not recognizing who she was
(b) scheduling an engagement on a Sunday, Tereza's and his only day off
(c) forgetting about an engagement he had made that same day
(d) Get sick at one of the woman's homes

11. Tomas had come to medicine by...
(a) a deep desire
(b) calculation
(c) coincidence
(d) need for prestige

12. What distinguished the woman Tomas met in chapter 10 from other women?
(a) She was very plump
(b) She was taller than him
(c) She had a masculine voice
(d) She had red hair

13. What did Tomas hint to the doctor after he informed him that he would not retract his statement?
(a) to find him a good job replacement
(b) to find him another way where he could clear up his name
(c) that a threat by all his colleagues to resign would sufface
(d) to stand up to those pressuring him to make a retraction

14. The man who visited Tomas at the clinic where Tomas was a general practitioner introduced himself as...
(a) Ministry of Health
(b) Ministry of the Interior
(c) Ministry of Education
(d) Ministry of Culture

15. What did Tereza see in the crow's solitude and desolation?
(a) a reflection of her own fate
(b) that it was a good thing not to have children
(c) that the world was a cruel place
(d) that the world was a lonely place

Short Answer Questions

1. What happened when the interpreter that headed the march requested permission to enter the territory of Cambodia?

2. Why didn't Tomas and Tereza have children?

3. What concerned Tomas about moving to the country?

4. In Part 5, Chapter 7, Tomas recalls how after leaving Zurich for Prague, he felt he...

5. In Part 5, Chapter 2, who does the author attribute the works of the Communist regime of Central Europe?

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