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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What desire led to Tomas's pursuit of women?
(a) possession of the world
(b) power
(c) accumulation of different experiences
(d) pleasure

2. What type of work did Tomas do on the farm?
(a) looked after the cows
(b) drove a truck
(c) vet
(d) raised pigs

3. Who does Franz end up belonging to in death?
(a) his wife
(b) his student-mistress
(c) Sabina
(d) himself

4. When the engineer undressed Tereza, how did she respond?
(a) She resisted him
(b) She asked him to stop
(c) Neutral
(d) She assisted him

5. In Part 7, Chapter 6, what animal does Tereza dream of?
(a) a mouse
(b) a dog
(c) a rabbit
(d) a horse

6. In one of her dreams, what was it that Tereza saw floating downstream as she stared at the river?
(a) Prague's secret police
(b) Prague's castles and churches
(c) Prague's street signs
(d) Prague's park benches

7. What were Soviet films saturated with?
(a) family sagas
(b) incredible innocense and chastity
(c) political themes
(d) conflict and resolution

8. What did Tereza see in the crow's solitude and desolation?
(a) that the world was a cruel place
(b) that it was a good thing not to have children
(c) a reflection of her own fate
(d) that the world was a lonely place

9. What did Tereza fear it meant by the engineer never showing up again?
(a) He was sent by the drunk bald headed man
(b) He was sent by one of Tomas's women
(c) He was sent by the secret police
(d) He was sick minded and had lured her there to take pictures

10. When did Tomas realize the strange man was interrogating him?
(a) when he asked for the editor's name
(b) when he offered him a job with the government
(c) when he asked to meet him alone after work
(d) when he asked him very personal questions

11. What did Tomas catch Tereza do that upset him?
(a) give Karenin chocolate
(b) make a grave for Karenin
(c) read his letters
(d) search his desk

12. How did Tomas feel after the petition was published?
(a) he questioned whether or not he should have signed
(b) he wished he had signed
(c) he considered writing an article about the petition
(d) he was glad he had not signed

13. In Part 5, Chapter 27, what did Tereza find in the farm worker's face that she had not seen in ages?
(a) someone wise
(b) someone kind
(c) someone broken
(d) someone very tired

14. Why didn't Tomas and Tereza have children?
(a) Tereza could not have children
(b) Tomas could not have children
(c) Tomas did not want them
(d) Tereza did not want them

15. What episode proved that Tomas was as tired mentally as physically - from having too many erotic engagements?
(a) running into one of his recent lovers and not recognizing who she was
(b) Get sick at one of the woman's homes
(c) forgetting about an engagement he had made that same day
(d) scheduling an engagement on a Sunday, Tereza's and his only day off

Short Answer Questions

1. What did Tomas say is much more important than sending petitions to a president?

2. Tomas had come to medicine by...

3. In Part 5, Chapter 2, who does the author attribute the works of the Communist regime of Central Europe?

4. How did Tomas feel about his window washing job after a while?

5. What did the chief surgeon request of Tomas?

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