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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did Tereza purchase every morning for Karenin?
(a) A bisquit
(b) Slice of cake
(c) A roll
(d) A sandwich

2. What did Marie-Claude threaten her husband with twenty years prior?
(a) Revenge for an affair he'd had
(b) Having an affair
(c) Suicide
(d) A divorce

3. Who helped Tereza better understand photography?
(a) Tomas
(b) Her mother
(c) Sabina
(d) The engineer

4. What did Franz feel with regards to his love for Sabina?
(a) Insecurities
(b) Confidence
(c) Confusion
(d) Strength

5. Why was Marie-Claude so rude to Sabina?
(a) To make clear to Sabina (and others) what the real balance of power was between the two of them
(b) Because that's the type of person she is
(c) To take revenge on Sabina, who she knew was having an affair with her husband, by embarrassing her
(d) To get revenge on her husband, who she knew loves Sabina

6. Where did Tomas and Tereza meet?
(a) Bar where Tomas hung out during his work breaks
(b) Train stattion where Tomas was departing for Prague
(c) Hotel where they were both staying
(d) Hotel restaurant where Tereza worked

7. What does Tereza's mother appear to be casting off with her immodesty?
(a) The communist regime's ways
(b) An old fashioned mentality
(c) Her daughter Tereza's modest ways
(d) Youth and beauty

8. What world evoked in Sabina a sweet, nostalgic memory of her homeland?
(a) Gardens
(b) Cemetaries
(c) Churches
(d) Parks

9. What did Tereza's mother forbid Tereza to do?
(a) Lock the bathroom door
(b) Live with Tomas
(c) Spend time alone in her room
(d) Go out with friends

10. What was the first piece of furniture Franz ever bought for himself?
(a) Bed
(b) Couch
(c) Desk
(d) Table

11. In Part 4, Chapter 6, looking in the mirror, why did Tereza feel disgusted by her body?
(a) It reminded her of her mother
(b) It made her feel like a weak child
(c) Compared to other women in the spa, she had very small breasts with large nipples
(d) It didn't have the power to become the only body in Tomas's life

12. Who did Franz respect and worship?
(a) His wife
(b) Sabina
(c) His daughter
(d) His mother

13. What type of teenager was Tereza?
(a) Responsible
(b) Rebellios
(c) Lazy
(d) Proud

14. What did Franz do during sex that Sabina disliked?
(a) He told her he loved her
(b) He closed his eyes.
(c) He turned off the light
(d) He asked if she loved him.

15. In his lifetime, Franz has never...
(a) Won a fight
(b) Fought anyone
(c) Wanted to fight
(d) Lost a fight

Short Answer Questions

1. What did Franz try to create for the woman he had fallen in love with?

2. What affect did the first week of the Russian occupation have on Tereza?

3. What would have caused Tereza to do anything for her mother?

4. What did Marie-Claude's say about the serious car accident she once had?

5. What happened once Tomas followed Tereza to Prague?

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