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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did Franz try to create for the woman he had fallen in love with?
(a) the perfect relationship, in order that she would never have a reason to leave him
(b) an adventerous lifestyle that would keep her from getting bored with him
(c) an independent space for her in his life
(d) a warm and trusting atmosphere she could always turn to

2. What feelings did Sabina portray towards the immigrants she sat with?
(a) Frustration
(b) Love
(c) Sympathy
(d) Hatred

3. What world evoked in Sabina a sweet, nostalgic memory of her homeland?
(a) Parks
(b) Churches
(c) Cemetaries
(d) Gardens

4. What did Karenin hate?
(a) Change
(b) Walks
(c) Other animals
(d) Cold weather

5. What was the first piece of furniture Franz ever bought for himself?
(a) Table
(b) Bed
(c) Couch
(d) Desk

6. What did Marie-Claude threaten her husband with twenty years prior?
(a) Revenge for an affair he'd had
(b) Suicide
(c) Having an affair
(d) A divorce

7. What is the meaning of Tereza's secret vice, her long looks and frequent glances in the mirror?
(a) A yearning to physically fit into society
(b) A longing to be a body unlike other bodies
(c) A desire to be admired by men
(d) A longing to be as beautiful as her mother

8. After she returned home to her small Czech town, how did Tereza re-enter Tomas's life?
(a) He couldn't stop thinking about her and called her to come visit
(b) They ran into each other at a mutual friend's house
(c) She phoned him from the railway station, claiming she was in Prague to find a job
(d) She came to Prague on a business trip and stayed at his home

9. What did Sabina do to get back at Tomas for looking at his watch while they made love?
(a) Spray his jacket with perfume
(b) Hide one his socks
(c) Take away his watch
(d) Leave lipstick on his shirt

10. What does Tereza's mother appear to be casting off with her immodesty?
(a) Her daughter Tereza's modest ways
(b) An old fashioned mentality
(c) Youth and beauty
(d) The communist regime's ways

11. What may have attributed to the female puppy, Karenin, falling in love wtih Tereza rather than Tomas?
(a) Tomas's long absence from home
(b) Tereza's familiarity with pets
(c) Tereza's attachment to the dog
(d) Being given a boy's name

12. What did Sabina refuse to do in life?
(a) Be unjust
(b) Stir an argument
(c) Keep silent
(d) Deep ranks

13. What is Franz's attitude when it comes to love and strength
(a) Being in love makes one strong
(b) Love means renouncing strength
(c) Strong people don't know how to love
(d) Using one's strength on a loved one is considered violence

14. In Part 3, chapter 2, why were Sabina and Tomas touched by the sight of the bowler hat?
(a) It was a memnto of Sabrina's father and grandfather
(b) It had been lost and only recently found
(c) It connected them to the depth of their friendship
(d) It reminded tehm of Prague

15. What did Tereza remember most of Dubeck's speech, the one he made after his return from Moscow?
(a) The trembling of his voice
(b) His words which carried much humiliation
(c) The awful pauses in the middle of his sentences
(d) His courageous tone

Short Answer Questions

1. What happened at night that caused Tereza to fear that time of the day?

2. Why wouldn't the magazine editor publish Tereza's photographs?

3. For Sabina, what did the bowler hat NOT represent?

4. What is Franz's profession?

5. What affect did the first week of the Russian occupation have on Tereza?

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