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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did Franz like to take part in?
(a) Getting involved with peace organizations
(b) Demonstrations
(c) Giving political lectures
(d) Writing political articles

2. Whose quartet is based on the following two motifs: "Must it be?" "It must be."
(a) Bach
(b) Beethoven
(c) Mozart
(d) Webber

3. What did Tereza propose to Sabina?
(a) That they try to be friends, despite everything
(b) To take nude pictures of her
(c) That she helps her find a job in photography
(d) That she leave Tomas for good

4. In Tereza's eyes, what did books represent?
(a) A secret world of schools
(b) A world of intellectuals
(c) An emblem of the secret brotherhood
(d) A fair and just world

5. Why did Tomas oppose Tereza visiting her mother when she heard she had cancer?
(a) He feared Tereza was using this as an excuse to leave him
(b) He knew Tereza was lying.
(c) He disliked her mother and worried she'd cause trouble between him and Tereza
(d) He discovered her mother was lying.

6. Who did Sabina's bowler hat belong to?
(a) An old boyfriend
(b) Her grandfather
(c) Her brother
(d) Tomas

7. After Sabina settled in Paris, what were her thoughts about Franz?
(a) She felt guilty for having left him without a word
(b) She was sorry to have been so impatient with him
(c) She imagined the possibility of them one day uniting
(d) She wished he had never publicized their affair

8. Sabina understood Franz's...
(a) Distaste for America
(b) His love for his wife and daughter
(c) His need to be a part of her world
(d) His desire to fight Communism

9. What did Franz do during sex that Sabina disliked?
(a) He turned off the light
(b) He closed his eyes.
(c) He asked if she loved him.
(d) He told her he loved her

10. Why did Tereza's mother marryTereza's father
(a) She loved him
(b) She got pregnant
(c) She was the best option of her suitors
(d) She wanted to leave her father's home

11. In Part 4, Chapter 1, what aroma did Tereza notice on Tomas's hair?
(a) alcohol
(b) a woman's groin
(c) lipstick
(d) perfume

12. What did Tereza purchase every morning for Karenin?
(a) Slice of cake
(b) A sandwich
(c) A bisquit
(d) A roll

13. What is Franz's attitude when it comes to love and strength
(a) Being in love makes one strong
(b) Love means renouncing strength
(c) Using one's strength on a loved one is considered violence
(d) Strong people don't know how to love

14. What type of teenager was Tereza?
(a) Rebellios
(b) Responsible
(c) Proud
(d) Lazy

15. In Part 3, chapter 2, why were Sabina and Tomas touched by the sight of the bowler hat?
(a) It had been lost and only recently found
(b) It reminded tehm of Prague
(c) It was a memnto of Sabrina's father and grandfather
(d) It connected them to the depth of their friendship

Short Answer Questions

1. What did Sabina like to do when she felt low?

2. What feelings did Sabina portray towards the immigrants she sat with?

3. What incident led Franz to tell his wife about his affair?

4. What did Marie-Claude's say about the serious car accident she once had?

5. What did Franz try to create for the woman he had fallen in love with?

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