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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did Franz's words about love and strength do to Sabina?
(a) Caused her to trust him more than any man she'd ever known
(b) Caused her to question his love
(c) Disqualify him from her life
(d) Made him more attractive in her eyes

2. What was Tereza training for since childhood?
(a) During sleep, holding hands of the man she loved
(b) Falling asleep while in the embrace of the man she loves
(c) In the morning, buying breakfast for her husband
(d) Stroking her the hair of the man she loved while he lay asleep

3. What did Tereza's mother when she found Tereza's diary
(a) Passed it along to her friends
(b) Shared it with her husband
(c) Threw it in the garbage
(d) Read it at the dinner table

4. What is the command Tomas uses on both Sabina and Tereza?
(a) Take off your clothes
(b) Get undressed
(c) Strip
(d) Get naked

5. Who did Franz respect and worship?
(a) His mother
(b) Sabina
(c) His wife
(d) His daughter

6. What did Tereza remember most of Dubeck's speech, the one he made after his return from Moscow?
(a) The awful pauses in the middle of his sentences
(b) The trembling of his voice
(c) His words which carried much humiliation
(d) His courageous tone

7. What term did Tereza use to express how she felt about life with her family?
(a) prison
(b) boarding house
(c) factory
(d) concentration camp

8. What does Marie-Anne and her mother do when they have a party?
(a) Ignore Franz
(b) Make rude remarks to whomever they do not like
(c) Sit cross legged on the floor
(d) Walk around barefoot

9. What did Marie-Claude threaten her husband with twenty years prior?
(a) Revenge for an affair he'd had
(b) A divorce
(c) Suicide
(d) Having an affair

10. What did Sabina like to do when she felt low?
(a) Attend mass
(b) Walk through cemetaries
(c) Walk through gardens
(d) Take a long walk

11. What was the first piece of furniture Franz ever bought for himself?
(a) Desk
(b) Bed
(c) Couch
(d) Table

12. In Part 3, chapter 2, why were Sabina and Tomas touched by the sight of the bowler hat?
(a) It reminded tehm of Prague
(b) It had been lost and only recently found
(c) It connected them to the depth of their friendship
(d) It was a memnto of Sabrina's father and grandfather

13. Why did Tereza visit Sabina's studio?
(a) To photograph her
(b) To confront her about her affair with Tomas
(c) To tell her that she and Tomas got married
(d) To ask for a job

14. What did Franz like to take part in?
(a) Demonstrations
(b) Getting involved with peace organizations
(c) Giving political lectures
(d) Writing political articles

15. What is Franz's profession?
(a) Engineer
(b) Painter
(c) Doctor
(d) Professor

Short Answer Questions

1. What happened at night that caused Tereza to fear that time of the day?

2. When was the only time Tereza and Tomas could talk to each other when they worked opposite shifts?

3. Where did Tomas and Tereza meet?

4. What incident led Franz to tell his wife about his affair?

5. What is the meaning of Tereza's secret vice, her long looks and frequent glances in the mirror?

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