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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why did Tomas oppose Tereza visiting her mother when she heard she had cancer?
(a) He feared Tereza was using this as an excuse to leave him
(b) He discovered her mother was lying.
(c) He disliked her mother and worried she'd cause trouble between him and Tereza
(d) He knew Tereza was lying.

2. What did Sabina do to get back at Tomas for looking at his watch while they made love?
(a) Spray his jacket with perfume
(b) Take away his watch
(c) Leave lipstick on his shirt
(d) Hide one his socks

3. What is the meaning of Tereza's secret vice, her long looks and frequent glances in the mirror?
(a) A longing to be as beautiful as her mother
(b) A desire to be admired by men
(c) A longing to be a body unlike other bodies
(d) A yearning to physically fit into society

4. What did Tomas initially feel when he discovered Tereza had left for Prague?
(a) Freedom
(b) Rage
(c) Confusion
(d) Bitterness

5. Why was Tomas attracted to Tereza?
(a) He opened up to her like he did with no one else
(b) Her beauty was unlike any other
(c) She seemed a child to him
(d) She was submissive

6. What does Franz worry about daily?
(a) His wife leaving him
(b) His mistress leaving him
(c) His wife having an affair
(d) His wife finding about his mistress

7. After Sabina settled in Paris, what were her thoughts about Franz?
(a) She felt guilty for having left him without a word
(b) She wished he had never publicized their affair
(c) She was sorry to have been so impatient with him
(d) She imagined the possibility of them one day uniting

8. What did Sabina refuse to do in life?
(a) Be unjust
(b) Keep silent
(c) Stir an argument
(d) Deep ranks

9. What happened to Tereza's father after her mother left him?
(a) He left town
(b) He was imprisoned
(c) He remarried
(d) He died in a car accident

10. What did Tereza purchase every morning for Karenin?
(a) A sandwich
(b) A roll
(c) Slice of cake
(d) A bisquit

11. What affect did the first week of the Russian occupation have on Tereza?
(a) Led her to want to leave Prague for good
(b) Put her into a depression
(c) Caused her to tremble out of fear
(d) Brought her closest she'd ever been to happiness

12. In Tereza's eyes, what did books represent?
(a) A world of intellectuals
(b) A secret world of schools
(c) An emblem of the secret brotherhood
(d) A fair and just world

13. What made Tomas jealous at the bar, where he and Tereza met with friends to celebrate Tereza's promotion?
(a) Noticing Tereza flirt with a colleague
(b) Seeing her leaning against a colleague's shouldes as she talked to him
(c) Watching Tereza dance with a colleague
(d) Seeing Tereza talk to a stranger

14. Why did Franz like music?
(a) It helped him be less of a serious man
(b) Because it had no words
(c) His mother was a music lover
(d) Music had been part of his life since childhood

15. In Part 4, Chapter 1, what aroma did Tereza notice on Tomas's hair?
(a) perfume
(b) alcohol
(c) a woman's groin
(d) lipstick

Short Answer Questions

1. In Part 3, Chapter 4, what did Sabina say to the distinguished immigrant that upset him?

2. With regards to love, what was Sabina's nature?

3. For Sabina, what did the bowler hat NOT represent?

4. Why was Marie-Claude so rude to Sabina?

5. What novel was Tereza reading when she went to visit Tomas?

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