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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 3, Chapter 7 "A Short Dictionary of Misunderstood Words".

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why wouldn't the magazine editor publish Tereza's photographs?
(a) They put his magazine in danger
(b) They were outdated
(c) He did not find them to be good enough
(d) They were vulgar for his taste

2. Sabina is stirred by her own...
(a) struggles
(b) strength
(c) indifference
(d) injustice

3. What did Tereza try to see herself through?
(a) Her faith
(b) Her childhood
(c) Her body
(d) Tomas's love

4. In Part 3, chapter 2, why were Sabina and Tomas touched by the sight of the bowler hat?
(a) It connected them to the depth of their friendship
(b) It was a memnto of Sabrina's father and grandfather
(c) It reminded tehm of Prague
(d) It had been lost and only recently found

5. After she returned home to her small Czech town, how did Tereza re-enter Tomas's life?
(a) He couldn't stop thinking about her and called her to come visit
(b) They ran into each other at a mutual friend's house
(c) She came to Prague on a business trip and stayed at his home
(d) She phoned him from the railway station, claiming she was in Prague to find a job

Short Answer Questions

1. What happened at night that caused Tereza to fear that time of the day?

2. What did Sabina unexpectedly meet in the village church?

3. What did Tereza do six to seven months after she and Tomas moved to Switzerland?

4. Who did Franz respect and worship?

5. What happened once Tomas followed Tereza to Prague?

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