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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 3, Chapter 3 "A Short Dictionary of Misunderstood Words".

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happened at night that caused Tereza to fear that time of the day?
(a) She trembled
(b) She dwelt on Tomas's infidelities
(c) She had nightmares.
(d) She dwelt on Tomas abandoning her

2. What may have attributed to the female puppy, Karenin, falling in love wtih Tereza rather than Tomas?
(a) Tomas's long absence from home
(b) Being given a boy's name
(c) Tereza's attachment to the dog
(d) Tereza's familiarity with pets

3. Why did Franz like music?
(a) Music had been part of his life since childhood
(b) His mother was a music lover
(c) Because it had no words
(d) It helped him be less of a serious man

4. What was Tereza training for since childhood?
(a) In the morning, buying breakfast for her husband
(b) Stroking her the hair of the man she loved while he lay asleep
(c) During sleep, holding hands of the man she loved
(d) Falling asleep while in the embrace of the man she loves

5. What did Tereza remember most of Dubeck's speech, the one he made after his return from Moscow?
(a) The trembling of his voice
(b) His words which carried much humiliation
(c) His courageous tone
(d) The awful pauses in the middle of his sentences

Short Answer Questions

1. Tereza has a dream where she marches around a pool of naked women who are overjoyed by their sameness. What does this part of her dream represent?

2. What happened once Tomas followed Tereza to Prague?

3. What is the meaning of Tereza's secret vice, her long looks and frequent glances in the mirror?

4. When they were living in Zunich, what incident caused Tereza to pack her suitcase, take Karenin and leave for Prague while Tomas was at work?

5. What was Sabina's views of modern music?

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