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Pretend you are Tereza and write a poem about your love for Tomas.

Look up various articles, from in the U.S. or abroad, that portrays the environment of Czechoslovakia before and after the Russian invasion, and bring them into class.

Through the internet, find a Czech who lived during the Soviet invasion, interview that person and as if you were a journalist, write an article about him or her.

As if you're a travel writer, write an article about Petrin Hill that would help tourists be acquainted with it.

On a poster board, write a history timetable of Czechoslovakia.

Write a list of names and their biographies of the Communist leaders in Czechoslovakia.

Make a list of 5 of the most well known Communist leaders of all time, with their biographies.

From the theories that constitute communism, write ten points you believe are good principles and ten points...

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