The Unbearable Lightness of Being Character Descriptions

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This character is emotionally weak when it comes to loved ones. A dreamer, this character prefers the unreal to the real.


This character does not like to keep long term relationships with people or places. There's a sense of betrayal in this character's choices and actions.


This character a young woman from a small village who, through a whole series of coincidences, becomes Tomas's lover and later his wife. Her father was a political prisoner who died in jail, leaving her in the care of her vulgar, loud mother, who took great delight in embarrassing Tereza. This abuse led to her radical split between body and soul; as much as possible she rejects everything about her body. It is her soul she gives to Tomas, and thus she represents heaviness in the burden of love she places on Tomas.

This character loves Tomas ferociously and...

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