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Short Answer Questions

1. Who runs Half Arrow away from the Butler house?

2. What did the doctor do to True Son's feet?

3. Where are the Indians who are looking for True Son sent?

4. What does True Son have in common with the basket maker, Bejance?

5. Who tells True Son and Half Arrow that the weather is about to change?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does True Son find Half Arrow?

2. What does Harry Butler do to calm himself down?

3. What is Harry Butler hoping that True Son will tell him when he confides in him on his sickbed?

4. Bejance tells True Son "They have the harness on you Injun boy." What does he mean by this?

5. Describe True Son's weekly routine. How does he feel about it?

6. Half Arrow makes Thitpan mad by questioning him. What does he question him about?

7. Why does True Son sabotage the ambush attempt?

8. What do True Son and Half Arrow pass the second night in the boat? What does True Son say about it?

9. What does the doctor say is wrong with True Son?

10. Why is Myra Butler bedridden?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

True Son becomes uncomfortable with the stories that Little Crane told Uncle Wilse. What are the stories, and why is True Son uncomfortable with them when Half Arrow is not?

Essay Topic 2

Why does True Son call out a warning to the boat? Do you think that True Son felt the way he did because of Cuyloga's influence, Gordies, something within himself, or a combination? Explain.

Essay Topic 3

From a small child, Cuyloga tells True Son that his white blood has been changed to Indian blood. In the end, however, Cuyloga tells True Son that his blood is thin like the whites, rather than thick like an Indian's. What external measurements is Cuyloga using to determine what type of blood True Son has? If Harry Butler used external measurements important to him, what type of blood would he determine that True Son has, in your opinion?

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