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Short Answer Questions

1. What spell did True Son's Indian father perform on him?

2. Half Arrow says what, as an apology to a guard after True Son attacks Del?

3. How long has True Son lived with the Indians?

4. Where does True Son sleep on his first night in the Butler house?

5. Why was True Son tied up?

Short Essay Questions

1. Half Arrow presents True Son with gifts. What are they and what messages do they hold?

2. The guards are amazed at the outpouring of love and grief for the whites that were given up. Although they are astonished at this, what is it that they can't get over? Why do you think that it surprised them?

3. Compare/contrast Del Hardy's reaction to seeing Fort Pitt to True Son's reaction to the same.

4. Describe Fort Pitt as True Son sees it.

5. What is the Peshtank story?

6. What did the spell that Cuyloga placed on True Son do?

7. What makes True Son feel worse after he leaves Fort Pitt and why?

8. Little Crain thinks that the white people act strange for what reason?

9. Explain the reasoning for Cuyloga sending the message for True Son not to resist the whites.

10. Describe how True Son is dressed when brought into camp and why, according to Del's point of view.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

True Son becomes uncomfortable with the stories that Little Crane told Uncle Wilse. What are the stories, and why is True Son uncomfortable with them when Half Arrow is not?

Essay Topic 2

True Son often refers to things in nature as family members. Name three instances of this. What does this make the reader think and feel about True Son?

Essay Topic 3

Why does True Son call out a warning to the boat? Do you think that True Son felt the way he did because of Cuyloga's influence, Gordies, something within himself, or a combination? Explain.

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