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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where do True Son and Half Arrow run to?
(a) The Susqehanna River.
(b) The Third Mountain.
(c) The First Mountain.
(d) Paxton.

2. How does Half Arrow justify stealing a boat?
(a) They are only borrowing it to be returned.
(b) The boat shouldn't have been left where it could be taken.
(c) The fur trapper is a bad man.
(d) They are taking back what the whites took from them.

3. What makes the last mountain different from the other mountains the boys have crossed?
(a) It has very little water flowing through it.
(b) It does come to a point at the top.
(c) It does not come to a point at the top.
(d) It is very small.

4. What does True Son call the month of February?
(a) The Month of Two Full Moons.
(b) The Month when the First Frog Croaks.
(c) The Month of Few Days.
(d) The Second Month.

5. Who is the captain of the Peshtank men?
(a) Harry Butler.
(b) Uncle Wilse.
(c) Parson Elder.
(d) Uncle George.

Short Answer Questions

1. True Son and Half Arrow find Indian Hearts. What are they?

2. What does True Son feel that their mother, the Earth, brought out from it's depths just for him and Half Arrow?

3. How does True Son say the the white fur traders get fur from Indians cheap?

4. Why does True Son have second thoughts about the ambush?

5. Who has killed True Son's friend?

Short Essay Questions

1. When True Son is offered liquor, he compares this to what?

2. Bejance tells True Son "They have the harness on you Injun boy." What does he mean by this?

3. Describe True Son's first night back with his Indian family.

4. Describe True Son's arrival at his village.

5. What news is brought to Harry Butler? Who is the messenger?

6. What does Parson Elder tell Myra and Kate after talking to True Son?

7. What do True Son and Half Arrow pass the second night in the boat? What does True Son say about it?

8. What does Harry Butler do to calm himself down?

9. Why is Myra Butler bedridden?

10. Gordie tells the basket maker that he is a slave. How does he respond?

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