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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Cuyloga does not want True Son to struggle for what reason?
(a) The white man might scalp True Son.
(b) Cuyloga does not want True Son anymore.
(c) Cuyloga is planning a rescue mission.
(d) True Son will adjust to white life more easily this way.

2. Where does True Son tell Del that he is going?
(a) "The place where the river joins the sky,"
(b) "A place of much meanness and bad stenches."
(c) "A place where you can't tramp me with your big foot."
(d) "The Indian resting grounds."

3. True Son decides that the English people are so pale for what reason?
(a) Because they are not an original people.
(b) Because they are lazy and do not work outside.
(c) Because of the way their houses are built.
(d) Because they always wear hats.

4. Who forces True Son to wash and dress in white clothing?
(a) Aunt Kate.
(b) Mrs. Butler.
(c) Del.
(d) Mr. Butler.

5. Why does Half Arrow decide that it's okay to march with True son to keep him company.
(a) Little Crane marched with his white sqaw.
(b) He doesn't care what the guards think.
(c) He asked permission from the white guards.
(d) His father told him he could.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does True Son's brother ask True Son to do with his Indian clothes after he changes out of them?

2. How does True Son escape while crossing the river?

3. Why does True Son vow to kill the red-haired guard?

4. What does True Son attempt to take from Del during their struggle?

5. Cuyloga wants True Son to remember Cuyloga killing what enemy whose tribe is at war with Cuyloga's tribe?

Short Essay Questions

1. True Son envisions how his funeral will be when he kills himself. Describe his vision.

2. Explain the reasoning for Cuyloga sending the message for True Son not to resist the whites.

3. True Son is humiliated because he hides in attempt to avoid going to the whites. How is he humiliated?

4. Half Arrow presents True Son with gifts. What are they and what messages do they hold?

5. What does True Son tell his father about the Susquehanna River?

6. What does True Son think about the white village that the party camps near?

7. Describe Fort Pitt as True Son sees it.

8. Describe Fort Pitt as Del Hardy sees it.

9. When Cuyloga leaves True Son in the white's camp, True Son thinks about his home in the tribe. How does he remember it?

10. True Son is surprised that he must go with the whites, even though he know that his tribe must give up all white prisoners. Why is he surprised?

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