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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does True Son say the the white fur traders get fur from Indians cheap?
(a) They kill the Indians who refuse.
(b) They beat the Indians up.
(c) They make friends with the Indians.
(d) They get the Indians drunk.

2. How does True Son ruin the ambush?
(a) He trades sides to shoot at the Indians.
(b) He lies to the war party about who is in the boat.
(c) He falls and trips the other warriors.
(d) He yells out a warning.

3. What does True Son's father say when True Son tells him that he is going to see Corn Blade?
(a) To be home in time for supper.
(b) Corn Blade died long ago.
(c) Not to come back home.
(d) Not to associate with such savages.

4. How does Thitpan plan to take over a river boat?
(a) By lining up in a shallow crossing to form a blockade.
(b) By stealing another boat and overtaking it.
(c) By using True Son as bait.
(d) By swimming to it.

5. Who sees True Son before he can sneak away from the house with his horse?
(a) Gordie.
(b) Mr. Butler.
(c) Aunt Kate.
(d) The maid.

6. Where are the Indians who are looking for True Son sent?
(a) To Harry Butler's house.
(b) To Uncle Wilse's house.
(c) To Parson Elder's house.
(d) Back where they came from.

7. Harry thinks it is too bad that True Son wasn't brought up to value what?
(a) Money and property.
(b) Horses and cows.
(c) Weat fields and sarghum cane.
(d) Carts and buggies.

8. True Son feels better after doing what?
(a) Singing to the Great Spirit.
(b) Taking a nap.
(c) Scalping a white man.
(d) Sneaking out of the house.

9. Who calls for war to avenge Little Crane?
(a) Little Crane's cousin.
(b) Little Cranes father.
(c) Little Crane's nephew.
(d) Little Crane's brother.

10. Who does not come to the celebration of True Son and Half Arrow's homecoming?
(a) Cuyloga.
(b) Nungasa.
(c) Relatives of Little Crane.
(d) A'atonah.

11. The second night the boys are in the boat, what do they pass?
(a) Fort Pitt.
(b) A wagon train.
(c) The search party looking for them.
(d) An Indian war party.

12. What does Gordie drink during the meeting with Parson Elder?
(a) Straight whiskey.
(b) Grape juice.
(c) Whiskey and water.
(d) Water.

13. Half Arrow takes True Son to see the Indian who was killed. Who is it?
(a) Quaquenga.
(b) Cuyloga.
(c) Corn Blade.
(d) Little Crain.

14. Why does True Son have second thoughts about the ambush?
(a) He sees a young child.
(b) He is thinking of his white mother and father.
(c) He is not sure that he can kill someone.
(d) There are too many mothers.

15. Who is the captain of the Peshtank men?
(a) Uncle George.
(b) Parson Elder.
(c) Harry Butler.
(d) Uncle Wilse.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Aunt Kate bring to True Son's room after he gets sick?

2. What does True Son feel that their mother, the Earth, brought out from it's depths just for him and Half Arrow?

3. What do Half Arrow and True Son use to make their food catching device?

4. True son tells Parson Elder that Cuyloga says that men who do this are cowards.

5. What is True Son's only regret about the recent events?

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