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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Parson Elder say that the Peshtank men would have done to him for stopping them from killing the Contestogo Indians?
(a) Scalped him.
(b) Taken his wife and children from him.
(c) Hanged him.
(d) Killed his favorite horse.

2. What does Harry Butler intend to tell True Son if he confesses to stealing his gun?
(a) That it was going to be his present anyway.
(b) That he is grounded for a week.
(c) To return it imidiately.
(d) That he should pray to God for forgivness.

3. What does True Son call the month of February?
(a) The Month when the First Frog Croaks.
(b) The Month of Few Days.
(c) The Month of Two Full Moons.
(d) The Second Month.

4. What is True Son's only regret about the recent events?
(a) That he is leaving Gordie behind.
(b) That he and Half Arrow tried to kill Uncle Wilse.
(c) That he forgot his bearskin blanket.
(d) That he stole from his father.

5. What does Mr. Butler accuse True Son of lying about?
(a) Not knowing the English language.
(b) That he didn't sneak out of the house.
(c) Going to see Corn Blade.
(d) Stealing his mother's jewlery.

6. Why is Half Arrow not able to steal the boat of his choosing?
(a) He cannot get to the boat he wants without being seen.
(b) The boat he wants is tied with an iron rope.
(c) The boat he wants is leaking.
(d) He must use the first boat he gets to as arrows are flying at him.

7. What bothers True Son about the scalp that Thitpan claims?
(a) It is the scalp of a small child.
(b) It is old and gray.
(c) It is the scalp of an Indian.
(d) True Son wanted to claim the scalp himself.

8. What does True Son refuse to take that Aunt Kate has offered to him?
(a) Whiskey.
(b) Cinamon rolls.
(c) Grape juice.
(d) Cookies.

9. True Son thinks that the English shoes are made for him for what purpose?
(a) To keep him from running away.
(b) To protect his feet.
(c) Because the Butlers love him.
(d) So that the Butlers don't have to see his moccasins anymore.

10. What do the boys eat on the first day in the mountains?
(a) Roasted trurkey.
(b) Fried cornbread.
(c) Dry corn meal.
(d) Dried venison.

11. Who does not come to the celebration of True Son and Half Arrow's homecoming?
(a) Nungasa.
(b) A'atonah.
(c) Cuyloga.
(d) Relatives of Little Crane.

12. Who does Parson Elder come to the house to check on?
(a) Myra Butler.
(b) Gordie.
(c) Harry Butler.
(d) True Son.

13. What is Half Arrow's father's name?
(a) Black Fish.
(b) Antelope fleets.
(c) Nungasa.
(d) Shangas.

14. What do Half Arrow and True Son use to make their food catching device?
(a) Rock.
(b) Cane.
(c) Wood.
(d) Vines.

15. Who is shot and scalped in this chapter?
(a) An Indian looking for True Son.
(b) Parson Elder.
(c) Doctor Childsley.
(d) Uncle George.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Harry do to calm himself?

2. What do Half Arrow and True Son put over their friend's grave?

3. How does True Son see where he is paddling when he and Half Arrow tire of fishing and leave camp?

4. How many Indians asked about True Son?

5. True Son feels that he has been provided for by the Great Spirit when he sees what?

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