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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why is True Son disappointed that Del is accompanying him and his white father?
(a) True Son will not get alone time with his father.
(b) True Son is tired of traveling with Del.
(c) True Son will not be able to kill his white father.
(d) True Son does trust Del's translations.

2. Why did the Indians give up their whites?
(a) The white captives were beginning to eat too much.
(b) The didn't like their whites much anyway.
(c) They didn't like the close white settlements.
(d) They were tired of hearing the white captives complaining.

3. True Son's arms were free to attack Del for what reason?
(a) True Son asks to be allowed to hug his cousing farwell.
(b) To enable him to carry his pack above water.
(c) Because he had been behaving himself.
(d) Half Arrow has cut the bindings loose.

4. Why is Half Arrow surprised at True Son's appearance?
(a) True Son had a black eye.
(b) He did not expect True Son to be tied up.
(c) True Son had lost a lot of weight.
(d) True son was wearing white man's clothes.

5. Who is the author of this book?
(a) James Smith.
(b) Chad Snodgrass.
(c) Conrad Richter.
(d) Donald Wingfield.

6. Who does True Son know that killed himself?
(a) Del.
(b) Cuyloga.
(c) Make Daylight.
(d) Runs Fast..

7. Where does Del find True Son?
(a) At Fort Hunter.
(b) In a tangle of adlers and sweetbrier.
(c) In the river.
(d) In a hollow tree.

8. How do Del and Mr. Butler cross the Susquehanna River?
(a) By ferry.
(b) By bridge.
(c) On horseback.
(d) By swimming.

9. True Son thinks that all white people look the same. Who is the one white who stands out to True Son?
(a) Cousin Alec.
(b) Uncle Charlie.
(c) Aunt Catherine.
(d) Uncle Wilse.

10. What spell did True Son's Indian father perform on him?
(a) He made True Son unable to run away.
(b) He transformed True Son's white blood into Indian blood.
(c) He healed him from a snake bite.
(d) He recreated True Son's memory.

11. How does True son plan killing himself?
(a) By drinking too much fire water.
(b) By stealing Del's gun.
(c) By falling on a knife.
(d) By eating the root of a May apple.

12. True Son tells himself that he will have to listen to whose counsel from now on?
(a) Little Crain's bride.
(b) Del's.
(c) His own.
(d) His white father.

13. True Son decides that the English people are so pale for what reason?
(a) Because they always wear hats.
(b) Because of the way their houses are built.
(c) Because they are not an original people.
(d) Because they are lazy and do not work outside.

14. How does True Son escape while crossing the river?
(a) He scares the horses into throwing Del and Mr. Butler.
(b) He swims underwater to shore.
(c) HeJumps off of the bridge to swim away.
(d) He rides his horse off of the ferry.

15. Cuyloga wants True Son to remember Cuyloga killing what enemy whose tribe is at war with Cuyloga's tribe?
(a) A white soldier.
(b) A Mohawk.
(c) A bear.
(d) A Cherokee.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the red-haired guard called?

2. True Son feels that the soldiers prove that they have learned from the Indians when they do what?

3. Why was True Son tied up?

4. What made True Son forget about killing himself?

5. What is the master language of Indians?

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