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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 4.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Half Arrow decide that it's okay to march with True son to keep him company.
(a) Little Crane marched with his white sqaw.
(b) He asked permission from the white guards.
(c) His father told him he could.
(d) He doesn't care what the guards think.

2. When Half Arrow shows up, who does he say that he is?
(a) True Son.
(b) Make Daylight.
(c) Between-the-logs.
(d) Cuyloga.

3. What does Half Arrow give to True Son?
(a) True Son's bed and a knife.
(b) Beef jerky and a new vest.
(c) A spear.
(d) Parched corn, new moccasins, and True Son's bed.

4. Why did the Indians give up their whites?
(a) They were tired of hearing the white captives complaining.
(b) They didn't like the close white settlements.
(c) The didn't like their whites much anyway.
(d) The white captives were beginning to eat too much.

5. What spell did True Son's Indian father perform on him?
(a) He recreated True Son's memory.
(b) He healed him from a snake bite.
(c) He transformed True Son's white blood into Indian blood.
(d) He made True Son unable to run away.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the name of True Son's Indian father?

2. Where does True Son tell Del that he is going?

3. What does True Son do after his father leaves the white camp?

4. Cuyloga wants True Son to remember Cuyloga killing what enemy whose tribe is at war with Cuyloga's tribe?

5. What does Del try to convince True Son of during their first encounters?

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