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Lenni Lenape Village

The village where True Son lives after being taken by the Indians.

Forks of Muskingum

The white army meets the Indians at this sacred place in the wilderness.

Fort Pitt

The army and the captives stop here on the way to Pennsylvania. To captives like True Son, it is a frightening place full of drunken soldiers, claustrophobic walls and Indian traitors.


The white army delivers the freed white captives to this white settlement, where relatives come to claim their newly returned kin.

Susquehanna River

True Son, his white father and Del Hardy must cross this to get to Paxton, where the Butler family lives.

White Woman's River

One of the landmarks that tells True Son he is close to his beloved Lenni Lenape village is this landmark rushing from the northwest.


Another natural landmark near the Lenni Lenape village, these Mountains are described...

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