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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Byron tell Hightower about Lena?
(a) That he told her that there is no one in town that fits the description of Lucas Burch.
(b) That he told Lena that Joe Brown is the Lucas Burch she seeks.
(c) That he told her that she should go back home.
(d) That he told her that she is just looking for trouble by looking for Lucas Burch.

2. Why does Byron not tell Miss Burden about Christmas and Brown's illegal whiskey business?
(a) Because she is an abolitionist
(b) Because Byron does not like Miss Burden
(c) Because she approves of the whiskey sales
(d) Because it is none of her business

3. What does Mr. McEachern see from his bedroom window one night?
(a) The shadow of Christmas running by to get into an arriving car
(b) Mrs. McEachern walking in the moonlight.
(c) Two tramps scavenging for food
(d) The scarecrow in the vegetable garden

4. Why does Joe Christmas refrain from beating Joe Brown when he could have easily killed him the night in the cabin?
(a) Because Joe Christmas does not have the heart of a killer
(b) Because Joe Brown overpowers Joe Christmas
(c) Because Joe Brown is Joe Christmas' best friend
(d) Because Joe Christmas really wants to kill Miss Burden

5. What does the answer to #46 discover when he finds Miss Burden?
(a) That her head has been almost severed from her body
(b) That she is incoherent
(c) That she has been burned almost beyond recognition
(d) That she is still alive

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is Bobbie?

2. What name does the dietician call Christmas?

3. What does Lena carry to prevent them from getting dirty?

4. Why is Joe ashamed when he places an order for pie and coffee?

5. What does Mame tuck into Christmas' pocket?

Short Essay Questions

1. What drives Lena to keep moving on her quest?

2. What revelations does Brown share when he shows up in town after the murder?

3. Why does Byron Bunch spend so much time at his job at the planing mill?

4. How does the dietician attempt to thwart disaster in the toothpaste incident?

5. How does Lena rationalize the fact that Lucas has not yet sent for her?

6. What does the dietician's pink toothpaste symbolize for Christmas?

7. Joe leaves the whorehouse and enters "the street which was to run for fifteen years." What is the significance of this statement?

8. How does Christmas realize that racial prejudice is not as strong in the North as it is in the South?

9. How does trouble find Byron anyway?

10. How do the people get their first indications that something is awry in the Hightower marriage?

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