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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 14.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How much older than Lena is McKinley?
(a) 20 years
(b) 13 years
(c) 7 years
(d) 10 years

2. Where does the janitor take Christmas?
(a) To a ballgame
(b) To the movies
(c) To church
(d) To a different orphanage

3. Why has Lena left Doane's Mill?
(a) Because she was evicted.
(b) Because she does not like anybody there.
(c) Because it will soon be a ghost town.
(d) Because she lost her job.

4. In the morning, Christmas returns to the cabin and dresses in _____________________.
(a) formal suit and suspenders
(b) t-shirt and jeans
(c) suit pants, white shirt and bow tie
(d) sweats

5. How does Christmas escape the McEachern house one night?
(a) He shimmies down a rope hanging from his bedroom window.
(b) He hitches a ride to the nearby bus station.
(c) He pretends to go to school but runs away.
(d) He leaves when the McEacherns are at church.

Short Answer Questions

1. Byron tells Hightower that a ______________ discovered the fire at the Burden place yesterday morning.

2. Why had Hightower wanted to come to Jefferson originally?

3. What is Christmas' plan?

4. How many days pass before Christmas is returned to the orphanage?

5. How does the relationship between Christmas and Miss Burden evolve?

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