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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who becomes ill near the end of Charles' visit?
(a) Latimer.
(b) Bertha.
(c) A servant other than Mrs. Archer.
(d) Mrs. Archer.

2. After marrying Bertha, why does Latimer feel coldness from her?
(a) He shows her nothing but coldness.
(b) She is unable to change him.
(c) Upon changing him, he became a horrible man.
(d) He gains so much power that he chooses to leave her.

3. What does Mrs. Archer accuse Bertha of doing?
(a) Poisoning her daughter.
(b) Poisoning Alfred.
(c) Poisoning Latimer's father.
(d) Poisoning Latimer.

4. Bertha tells Latimer that two of their servants are to be married. What does Bertha tell Latimer after the marriage announcement?
(a) She is leaving him.
(b) She has hired a new maid.
(c) Her aunt has died.
(d) Alfred is alive.

5. Where does Bertha go after the walk with Latimer?
(a) Home.
(b) Alfred's house.
(c) Latimer's house.
(d) Shopping.

6. During his travels, what would permit Latimer to move on?
(a) Ability to read the minds of all those around him.
(b) Being arrested and thrown out of the city.
(c) "Seeing" the next place to travel.
(d) Nothing; he did not travel, he locked himself in his home.

7. How does Bertha react to Latimer's question about loving him?
(a) Bertha becomes very hateful and begins to call Latimer names.
(b) Bertha tells Latimer that she is going to tell Alfred what has happened.
(c) Bertha becomes quiet and says nothing.
(d) Bertha jestingly refers to his apparent momentary lapse as a "mad fit".

8. When is the wedding between Alfred and Bertha to take place?
(a) The following winter.
(b) The following summer.
(c) The following fall.
(d) The following spring.

9. What does Bertha believe will ruin her marriage?
(a) Latimer.
(b) Love.
(c) Latimer's father.
(d) Money.

10. How does Latimer feel about his father after the death?
(a) He begins to hate him even more.
(b) He begins to realize that his father always did love him best.
(c) He begins to feel affection for him.
(d) He begins to plan to put thoughts into his head.

11. What does Latimer's father suggest he do now that Alfred is gone?
(a) Become a priest.
(b) Leave town.
(c) Settle on living a life of solitude.
(d) Marry Bertha.

12. What is another reason that Latimer does not think the wedding will take place?
(a) Alfred will selfishly find something better for himself.
(b) He read Alfred's mind.
(c) He planted horrible thoughts in Alfred's mind about Bertha.
(d) His visions are always wrong.

13. What sense does Mrs. Archer lose right before her death?
(a) Hearing.
(b) Sight.
(c) Taste.
(d) Speech.

14. What time of year does Bertha get married?
(a) Fall (October).
(b) Winter (January).
(c) Spring (April).
(d) Summer (July).

15. How much of Latimer's wealth does Bertha acquire?
(a) None.
(b) All.
(c) Half.
(d) A third.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Latimer regret telling Bertha during their walk prior to Alfred's death?

2. What does Bertha believe would happen to Latimer once they were married?

3. What question does Latimer ask Bertha about their marriage?

4. Why does Latimer resent Alfred's invitations to accompany him anywhere?

5. What sorrow finally allowed Latimer to feel sympathy towards his father?

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