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Objective: George Eliot wrote "The Lifted Veil" in novella form. Understanding of the novella is important for readers to create the bond that Eliot wants between the reader and the narrator. The objective of this lesson is to introduce students to the novella form.

1) Class discussion- Students will research the novella. They need to address the following questions: What is a novella? What is the purpose of a novella? Why do authors chose to use this type of writing? Also, discuss The Lifted Veil as a novella. Give students an informal summary of the text and pose to them the following question: What makes The Lifted Veil a novella?

2) Small group work- Divide students into small groups of 3-4 students. Students will look up novella and come to a group conclusion of a "layman's" definition of novella and it's purpose in writing. They also need to address...

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