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What Women Want

Watch a short clip of the movie "What Women Want" starring Mel Gibson. This movie features a man who has been given the power of reading minds.

Watch the clip and discuss the positives and negatives of this ability.

Poetry Writing

Write a poem that describes one of the following characters: Latimer, Bertha, Alfred, Mrs. Archer, or Latimer's father. Be sure to use descriptive language. The following prompts will help with getting the students started:

What kind of language is used by Latimer to describe this character?

What imagery surrounds this character throughout the novella?

Think of a color that would describe the character. Use this color as a basis for the character description.


Blindfold one student while all other students talk in a circle around them. This helps them to see what Latimer's end-of-days was like.

Have students discuss:

What conversation they remember...

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