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Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

George Eliot writes the story in novella form. Discuss why this form is important to the understanding of "The Lifted Veil".

Essay Topic 2

Latimer decides to write down the story of his life during the month leading up to his pre-seen death. Why do you think Latimer decides to do this? Would you consider following in Latimer's footsteps and doing the same? Why or why not?

Essay Topic 3

Discuss, in detail, Latimer's childhood. Include his relationship with his mother, his father, his brother, and his illnesses.

Essay Topic 4

Discuss the importance of the phrenologist's study of Latimer. Historically, what does the study of phrenology show? How does this examination change Latimer's thoughts about himself?

Essay Topic 5

Compare and contrast two of the following "relationships" in detail:

-Latimer and Alfred.

-Latimer and Bertha.

-Latimer and his mother.

-Latimer and his father.

-Latimer and Charles.

-Alfred and Bertha...

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