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Chapter 1, Introduction

• Latimer, an Englishman, narrates this story.

• Latimer suffers from angina pectoris, which allows him to see the future.

• Latimer has foreseen his own death- a heart attack while sitting at his desk.

• The purpose of Latimer's writing is to tell his life story during the last month of his life.

Chapter 1, Childhood

• Latimer's mother adores him and keeps him by her side at all times, up to her death.

• Latimer's father finds him odd and keeps him at a distance.

• Latimer's half-brother, Alfred, has not been home, but away at school during Latimer's childhood.

• At sixteen, Latimer's father sends him to Switzerland for schooling after having the bumps on his head examined.

Chapter 1, Changes

• Latimer begins to have visions of unknown cities.

• Latimer begins to question his mental state.

• Latimer has a vision of a new person (Bertha).

• Latimer gains a new power- reading minds. (Except...

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