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Short Answer Questions

1. What is the title of Bonhoeffer's first book?

2. How does the day begin at the seminary?

3. What is the first book of the Bible?

4. Who is arrested along with Bonhoeffer in 1943?

5. What was Bonhoeffer doing while living abroad from Germany?

Short Essay Questions

1. Shortly before he received the call to return to Germany and lead the seminary at Finkenwalde, what was Bonhoeffer making plans to do?

2. What does Bonhoeffer learn in childhood about Christianity that shapes his theology as an adult?

3. Does spiritual love desire immediacy or the nearness of other human beings, according to Bonhoeffer? Why or why not?

4. What are the three kinds of fellowship at table that Bonhoeffer says, in Chapter 2, are mentioned in the Bible?

5. What, according to Bonhoeffer, is a Christian's source of guilt or innocence?

6. According to Bonhoeffer, what do the books of the Bible between Genesis and Apocalypse describe?

7. What did Bonhoeffer say that human desire for community involves?

8. According to Bonhoeffer, what is the best way for a Christian to accomplish his work? Why?

9. Why does Bonhoeffer become involved in plans to overthrow Hitler?

10. What effect did Bonhoeffer believe that living in exile, with unbelievers, could have on a Christian's faith?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Compare and contrast Bonhoeffer's belief that Christians should bring peace with his actions in joining a plot to overthrow Hitler and in joining the Resistance movement against the Nazis. Were Bonhoeffer's actions in contradiction with his belief that Christians should bring peace? Why or why not?

Essay Topic 2

In Chapter 2, Bonhoeffer spends quite a bit of time explaining his beliefs about the importance of early-morning devotions in the life of his seminary. Using examples from the text, explain:

1) the activities undertaken by the seminary community at dawn during their devotions, then analyze why it--in Bonhoeffer's opinion--would not have been equally effective for these activities to take place at lunch, or just before bed.

2) why Bonhoeffer believed Christians should begin the new day with hymns and the Word of God. Compare and contrast, your own opinion of the peaceful way that Bonhoeffer says this starts the day with the way you start a typical day. Is the way you start your day as peaceful and stress-free as the way in which Bonhoeffer's seminarians start theirs, even though they're in the middle of a war and engaging in activity their government has deemed illegal?

Essay Topic 3

Bonhoeffer fled to England after his critical 1933 radio broadcast in order to avoid conflict with the Nazi regime. Research what the consequences for disagreeing with or criticizing the Nazis were, then write an essay using this information to explain what the outcome of 'conflict with the Nazi regime' might have spelled for Dietrich Bonhoeffer. Make sure that you cite your references and include a bibliography.

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