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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How did Bonhoeffer define "justification" in Chapter 4?
(a) Freedom from sin through the grace of God.
(b) Salvation through the mercy of God.
(c) Fellowship through the grace of God.
(d) Freedom from guilt through the grace of God.

2. What did Bonhoeffer say causes injury to a fellowship?
(a) Gossip.
(b) Not working hard enough.
(c) Every sin in thought, word, or deed.
(d) Not engaging in intercession for each other.

3. Bonhoeffer says that confessing sin to another is ____________.
(a) Humiliating.
(b) Embarrassing.
(c) Enlightening.
(d) Fun.

4. Not saying bad things is the ministry of:
(a) Positive thinking.
(b) Holding one's tongue.
(c) Not gossiping.
(d) Meekness.

5. Bonhoeffer says that one truly becomes a brother only if:
(a) He unselfishly helps others.
(b) He contributes to the income of the community.
(c) He is willing to die for another.
(d) Another becomes a burden.

Short Answer Questions

1. According to Bonhoeffer, what happens when one receives God's mercy?

2. Bonhoeffer says that listening to the Word of God is the beginning of:

3. What did Bonhoeffer say is a possible downside to listening, serving, and bearing that the ministry of proclaiming can help correct?

4. In Chapter 4, by what word does Bonhoeffer refer to the rules and recommendations by which he says members of a fellowship should behave?

5. What type of communication does Bonhoeffer say that prayer during meditation is between a Christian and Jesus Christ?

Short Essay Questions

1. What did Bonhoeffer say that confessing sin to a brother enables?

2. When discussing the ministry of proclaiming, what did Bonhoeffer say we ultimately recognize when we see others as being in need of assistance, encouragement, and forgiveness?

3. Why does Bonhoeffer believe that the cross destroys human pride at its root?

4. What did Bonhoeffer say that a community member who has sinned can no longer experience until he confesses his sins? Why?

5. What, in Chapter 5, did Bonhoeffer say is the fullness of Christian fellowship in community?

6. In Chapter 5, what passage of Scripture did Bonhoeffer recommend examining oneself against when asking forgiveness?

7. When discussing the ministry of authority in Chapter 4, what other ministries did Bonhoeffer say had to be in effect in order for genuine spiritual authority to be present?

8. Finally, how did Bonhoeffer explain intercession in Chapter 3, which was also supposed to take place during a Christian's personal time with God? How much importance did he place on intercession?

9. Why did Bonhoeffer place such importance upon silence during times of solitude?

10. What did Bonhoeffer claim that regular, scheduled time for personal meditation, prayer, and intercession would demonstrate for a community member?

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