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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What was the second evidence, according to Bonhoeffer, that a person's time spent in meditation, prayer, and intercession had put him in contact with God?
(a) His faith increased over time.
(b) He became a more tolerant person.
(c) He became able to work miracles.
(d) He became very narrow minded.

2. In Chapter 5, when did Bonhoeffer say a brother needed some way to restore himself to community?
(a) When he returns from an extended period of solitude and silence.
(b) When he strikes it rich and the others become jealous.
(c) When he makes a mistake.
(d) When he returns from work.

3. What did Bonhoeffer say causes injury to a fellowship?
(a) Not engaging in intercession for each other.
(b) Gossip.
(c) Not working hard enough.
(d) Every sin in thought, word, or deed.

4. According to Bonhoeffer, solitude and silence are __________ to the individual and to the community.
(a) Essential.
(b) Not essential.
(c) Mandatory.
(d) Optional.

5. According to Bonhoeffer, what is the purpose and goal of confession?
(a) Both penance and forgiveness of sin.
(b) Forgiveness of sin alone.
(c) Establishing a pecking order in the fellowship.
(d) Getting good dirt on your brothers.

Short Answer Questions

1. According to Bonhoeffer, the ministry of listening is the ministry of:

2. How did Bonhoeffer compare the ministry of listening to speaking?

3. According to Bonhoeffer, the cross destroys _______ at its root.

4. Bonhoeffer says that confessing sin to another is ____________.

5. When did Bonhoeffer say that brotherly confession is most effective?

Short Essay Questions

1. Thinking back over Chapters 1-3, what was the overarching message of these chapters? (Hint: A clue can be gleaned from the chapter titles).

2. When discussing the ministry of proclaiming, what did Bonhoeffer say we ultimately recognize when we see others as being in need of assistance, encouragement, and forgiveness?

3. What did Bonhoeffer say should be the goal of personal meditation?

4. Why did Bonhoeffer place such importance upon silence during times of solitude?

5. What did Bonhoeffer say in Chapter 4 about a person who cannot listen to another patiently and at length?

6. What did Bonhoeffer say that a community member who has sinned can no longer experience until he confesses his sins? Why?

7. According to what Bonhoeffer said, what does confession to - and absolution by - a brother confessor provide to an individual?

8. What, in Bonhoeffer's opinion, did one's learning to allow others to speak the Word of God (i.e. practice the ministry of proclaiming) allow a person to do?

9. What did Bonhoeffer claim that regular, scheduled time for personal meditation, prayer, and intercession would demonstrate for a community member?

10. Likewise, how does Bonhoeffer describe personal prayer in Chapter 3?

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