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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. According to Bonhoeffer, what does the whole life of a Christian consist of?
(a) Prayer, meditation, and intercession.
(b) Devotions, work, and prayer.
(c) Bearing or spiritually carrying the cross.
(d) Ministries, work, and sharing one's faith.

2. According to Bonhoeffer, why did Christ become man?
(a) So all mankind can believe in him as Brother.
(b) So all mankind can see that God is love.
(c) Bonhoeffer didn't believe that Christ became man.
(d) So all mankind can believe in him.

3. What does Bonhoeffer put forth as proof that there is a need for service to others?
(a) The different social classes in society.
(b) The existence of hunger.
(c) The existence of poverty.
(d) The initial reaction when one brother meets another.

4. What type of brother did Bonhoeffer say is most likely to relate to the spiritual facts of sin and forgiveness?
(a) One who is very inconsistent and sins frequently.
(b) One who is super-spiritual and never makes mistakes.
(c) One who is grounded in life's practical realities.
(d) One who is relatively new to the community.

5. Bonhoeffer said that sin ________ confessed individually to every brother.
(a) Does not need to be.
(b) Needs to be.
(c) Might need to be, depending on the sin committed,
(d) Ought to be.

6. What type of person did Bonhoeffer say one should seek out as a confessor?
(a) A brother who almost never sins.
(b) A brother who can be trusted with a secret.
(c) A brother who understands the community's needs.
(d) A brother who is a close friend.

7. What does Bonhoeffer believe that his call from a life in exile to his present life at the seminary is?
(a) A gift of God's grace.
(b) A gift of God's mercy--he would have hated it in India.
(c) A mistake--he should have gone to India.
(d) A death sentence.

8. Not saying bad things is the ministry of:
(a) Holding one's tongue.
(b) Not gossiping.
(c) Meekness.
(d) Positive thinking.

9. What did Bonhoeffer say that man's desire to be his own god makes him?
(a) Wicked.
(b) A seeker of enlightenment.
(c) Confused.
(d) Normal.

10. What is the confidence, according to Bonhoeffer, with which one can offer intercession for another?
(a) Knowing that God hears prayer.
(b) Knowing oneself is being borne as well.
(c) Knowing that someone will always be there to listen.
(d) Knowing that God is merciful.

11. According to what Bonhoeffer says in Chapter 4, how do the brethren receive fellow sinners in the fellowship of Jesus Christ?
(a) After they pass background checks.
(b) After they agree to the brethren's statement of faith and dress code.
(c) By forgiving sin.
(d) By practicing grace.

12. What did Bonhoeffer say about the man who is in sin and who has yet to confess it?
(a) He is alone and separated from the community.
(b) He should be envied and put on a pedestal.
(c) He should be pitied and felt sorry for.
(d) He should be scorned and gossiped about.

13. In Chapter 5, when did Bonhoeffer say a brother needed some way to restore himself to community?
(a) When he returns from work.
(b) When he returns from an extended period of solitude and silence.
(c) When he makes a mistake.
(d) When he strikes it rich and the others become jealous.

14. If another's sin is considered to be worse to one's own, Bonhoeffer says that service to the other is not _________.
(a) Blessed by God.
(b) Worthwhile.
(c) Genuine.
(d) Necessary.

15. When did Bonhoeffer say that brotherly confession is most effective?
(a) When brotherly severity and brotherly love are experienced daily.
(b) When divine love is experienced daily.
(c) When divine severity is experienced daily.
(d) When both divine severity and divine love are experienced daily.

Short Answer Questions

1. According to Bonhoeffer, what is the purpose and goal of confession?

2. What expression does Bonhoeffer use to describe the sinner moving forward to another level of community understanding?

3. How many times each day does Bonhoeffer say a Christian in community should spend time alone in silence?

4. What, according to Bonhoeffer, enables God's redeeming help to another?

5. In Chapter 5, what did Bonhoeffer say the certainty of forgiveness requires?

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