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Jennifer Gonnerman
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How many of Cassandra's tattoos are mentioned in Chapter 35?
(a) None.
(b) Two.
(c) Three.
(d) One.

2. What went missing from Elaine's pocket in Chapter 37?
(a) Checkbook.
(b) Paycheck.
(c) Cash.
(d) Cell phone.

3. Who is shot at least four times, later dying, in Chapter 40?
(a) Dude.
(b) Joanna.
(c) Littles.
(d) Mobb Deep.

4. Who does Elaine receive comfort from at the end of Chapter 38?
(a) Jamel.
(b) Apache.
(c) Lora.
(d) Satara.

5. What is responsible for Elaine's urgency to get out of their neighborhood in Chapter 40?
(a) Fears about Jamel's safety.
(b) The family is asked to leave their apartment.
(c) Elaine wants to be closer to work.
(d) Getting Danae in a better school.

6. When Chapter 37 opens, Elaine calls into work twice for what reason?
(a) Work to repeal the Rockefeller drug laws.
(b) She's sick.
(c) Taking care of Sabrina.
(d) Taking care of Jamel.

7. How much does Elaine give Michelle after Apache's basketball fundraiser in Chapter 42?
(a) $325.
(b) $150.
(c) $200.
(d) $80.

8. Jamel gets into a physical fight with the mother of his child in Chapter 35. What does she hit him with?
(a) Her fist.
(b) Telephone.
(c) Purse.
(d) Skillet.

9. Who receives 39 days in jail and five years probation for crimes in Chapter 44?
(a) Satara.
(b) Michelle.
(c) Star.
(d) Lora.

10. Who predicts that Jamel is "going to dig his own hole?"
(a) Cassandra.
(b) Satara.
(c) Apache.
(d) Elaine.

11. In Chapter 41, where is the sign with "Waiting Area Rules" located?
(a) Doctor's office.
(b) Project Renewal.
(c) Drug rehab office.
(d) Parole office.

12. What kind of cigarette is Elaine smoking in Chapter 30?
(a) Pall Mall.
(b) Newport.
(c) Salem.
(d) Kool.

13. How much is Elaine asked to put up to hold the house she wants in Chapter 42?
(a) $10,000.
(b) $3000.
(c) $5000.
(d) $1000.

14. How long is Elaine on Camacho's caseload?
(a) A year.
(b) Twenty months.
(c) Eight months.
(d) Seventeen months.

15. How much did Elaine bring home from her job every two weeks before her demotion in Chapter 37?
(a) $332.
(b) $780.
(c) $860.
(d) $577.

Short Answer Questions

1. What hospital does the ambulance take Sabrina to in Chapter 32?

2. Who is Dude Massard?

3. Where is the two-bedroom apartment for $650 a month that Elaine is interested in renting?

4. When Jamel gets out of prison in Chapter 34, he is 24 years old. How old was he when he went in?

5. What parole rule upsets Jamel the most?

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