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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did Twain discover after talking with the pilot in Chapter 24?
(a) That the pilot was unexperienced.
(b) That Twain was a better pilot.
(c) That they were both journalists.
(d) That they knew each other.

2. How did the man in competition with Twain for a girl became a hero to her?
(a) He joined the army.
(b) He offered her a horse.
(c) He almost died.
(d) He bought her a ring.

3. What did people think of Bixby's maneuver in Chapter 7?
(a) It would fail.
(b) It would be hard, but possible.
(c) It would take several hours.
(d) It would be easy.

4. How did the story of the man who tried to rescue his wife during a steamboat accident end?
(a) They both survived.
(b) The woman killed her husband on accident.
(c) The man killed his wife on accident.
(d) They both died.

5. What was the nickname of the trainees on Twain's new boat in Chapter 18?
(a) Baby.
(b) Pup.
(c) Kid.
(d) Cub.

6. How was the pilot able to get a raise in Chapter 14?
(a) By doing a "$175 job."
(b) By doing a "$125 job."
(c) By doing a "$60 job."
(d) By doing a "$250 job."

7. Why did the pilot of the boat where Twain was on in Chapter 19 get in trouble?
(a) For not stopping at a specific point.
(b) He did not navigate a turn the proper way.
(c) He refused to slow down.
(d) He tried to hit Twain.

8. What stories did the pilot in Chapter 24 tell Twain?
(a) Pilot stories.
(b) War stories.
(c) Alligator stories.
(d) Boat stories.

9. What did pilots use to perform the task described in Chapter 12?
(a) Buoy.
(b) Small boats.
(c) Steel lines.
(d) Long ropes from the shore.

10. When was the Mississippi first seen by a settler?
(a) 1562.
(b) 1572.
(c) 1542.
(d) 1552.

11. What woman did Twain borrow accounts from in Chapter 29?
(a) Mrs. Ruth.
(b) Mrs. Troll.
(c) Mrs. Ruppert.
(d) Mrs. Trollope.

12. What was stuck in closed off elbows in Twain's stories in Chapter 17?
(a) Fisheries.
(b) Lost towns.
(c) Ghost ships.
(d) Aligators.

13. What did Twain compare pilot's loss of romance toward the Mississippi to?
(a) To gravity losing its mystery for an aviator.
(b) To the food losing their mystery to farmers.
(c) To the ocean losing its mystery to sea captains.
(d) To the human body losing its mystery for doctors.

14. What was causing the impression of a bluff reef in Chapter 9?
(a) A trunk.
(b) Wind.
(c) Rain.
(d) An alligator.

15. Who was the first settler to see the Mississippi?
(a) de Vama.
(b) DeSoto.
(c) Cortez.
(d) DiMaggio.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why was the Mississippi River attractive for people?

2. How much money did the measures discussed by Twain in Chapter 28 save per load of cargo?

3. Where did Twain try to go to from Cincinnati?

4. What was required on boats at night according to Chapter 10?

5. What city was having cases of Yellow Death in Chapter 29?

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