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Lesson 1 (from Chapters 1-15)


Chapters 1-15

"Life on the Mississippi" is a memoir published in 1876 under the name "Old Times on the Mississippi." In 1883, the book was published in both the United States and Great Britain. In this memoir, Twain recounts his childhood, tells stories of life on a steamboat in Mississippi, and describes the changes in cities and towns along the river. The objective of this lesson is to discuss the genre of a memoir, "Life on the Mississippi" and the author, Mark Twain.


1) Pair Work:

a) Discuss and Define: Students should find information on the genre of a memoir and discuss the criteria for a memoir.

b) Outline: Students should outline what kinds of events might be included in a memoir, why a memoir is often written, and how an author might use personal observation and experience.

2) Independent Work: Library Research:

a) Written Summary: Students should find...

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