Life on the Mississippi Character Descriptions

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Mark Twain - This person grew up as a young boy in Hannibal, Missouri and worked as a steamboat operator during youth.

Bixby - This person is a tough and hardened operator and knows what to teach so that people can succeed, and also takes students down a notch to make sure they have a proper temperament.

Henry - This person died in a steamboat accident.

Mr. W - This person is a guest pilot and is often offended.

Tom - This person is another trainee who the main character competes with for a girl's affection.

Brown - This person is a harsh steamboat pilot, and the second pilot whom the main character trains with.

Stephen - This person is a pilot who borrows a significant amount of money from others.

Karl Ritter - This person swore revenge for his family's sake.

Kruger - This person was...

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