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Chapters 1-15

• In Chapter 1, Twain described the Mississippi River, which spreads over 1,300 miles, as the longest and most crooked river.

• Chapter 2, he discussed the different explorers who explored the river, like Marquette, DeSoto, LaSalle, and Joliet. The settlers were warned by the Indians about the dangers of the river.

• Chapter 3 included observations about the river and references his book, "Huckleberry Finn".

• In Chapter 4, Twain described steamboats and the ambition of wanting to work on these vessels.
• Chapter 5 focused on Twain's attempts to become a cub pilot on a steamboat, including how he became friends with someone who worked on a boat.

• In Chapter 6, Twain trained with Bixby an established pilot and gave him some of his wages for the training. Twain learned about reading the river.

• In Chapter 7, Bixby had to steer the boat over part of an island even though nobody thought he could.
• In Chapter 8, Twain...

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