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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Since Pi had no bait, what did he cut up to fish with in the morning, after his leather shoe was unsuccessful?
(a) The biscuits.
(b) Flying fish.
(c) The tiger's droppings.
(d) The British naval manual.

2. What did the interviewers do after Pi finished telling them what he told them?
(a) Remarked to eachother in Japanese that Pi was not very forthcoming about his experiences.
(b) Remarked to each other in Japanese that they found the story interesting and then took a short break.
(c) Talked to each other in Spanish, remarking that Pi had become unstable.
(d) Remarked to each other in Spanish that Pi was brilliant and his story was sad.

3. What two things does Pi attribute his survival alongside Richard Parker with?
(a) His ignorance at the true dangers of Richard Parker and luck.
(b) Richard Parker's tendency towards seasickness and Pi being the provider of food and water.
(c) His faith in his religion and his mother's love for him.
(d) The seperate spaces of the raft and the lifeboat.

4. What smell reminded Pi of childhood?
(a) The smell of the sea.
(b) The smell of the tiger.
(c) The smell of the flares.
(d) The smell of the fish.

5. How did Richard Parker react when Pi shouted a greeting to him?
(a) Came closer to Pi to see what Pi wanted.
(b) Responded with the same sounds as before.
(c) Turned away from Pi, silent.
(d) Growled and roared.

Short Answer Questions

1. What did the final report say about Pi's knowledge of the reason the ship sank?

2. Why did Pi give generously to the tiger at the cost of his own hunger and thirst?

3. What did Pi have a hard time butchering?

4. How long had Pi been at sea for when he calculated it?

5. What did the officials say to the author about the interview with Pi?

Short Essay Questions

1. Discuss the encounter with the other ship in Part 2, Chapter 86.

2. In Part 3, Chapter 100, the author receives a letter from Japanese officials about their interview with Pi. They remark that they found Pi to have had amazing fortitude to survive his ordeal. Why did they find his ordeal so amazing?

3. What is the symbolism of the flares in Part 2, Chapter 69?

4. What event in Part 2, Chapter 85 seemed to suggest that Pi was impressed and appreciated natural wonders? What was Pi's reaction to the event?

5. In Part 2, Chapter 89, Pi reached his lowest point in the crisis, and did what? What was Richard Parker's state during this time?

6. Discuss Pi's training sequence for trespassing with the tiger in Part 2, Chapter 71.

7. What is one small detail of Pi's suffering that the author describes in Part 2, Chapter 64?

8. In Part 2, Chapter 72, Pi created a shell shield out of a turtle shell. Discuss his persistence in maintaining his shield.

9. How did Pi learn to use the ocean to his benefit against the tiger in Part 2, Chapter 59?

10. In Part 3, Chapters 98 and 99, the Japanese officials interviewed Pi about his story. Why do you think that the officials did not believe Pi?

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