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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did the tiger do when he and Pi landed on the shore of the small island?
(a) Leapt from the boat and disappeared over a ridge.
(b) Saw a moving animal and raced after it, hunting it down and tearing it apart for food.
(c) Stayed close to Pi, now trained and secure in his presence.
(d) Stayed on the boat, skeptical of the island.

2. What was Pi careful to maintain with the tiger in his quest to be known by the tiger as the alpha male?
(a) Sufficient sleeping space.
(b) Plentiful food.
(c) Plentiful water.
(d) Eye contact.

3. What did Pi first use to communicate with the tiger after his hope returned?
(a) A whistle from the locker.
(b) A stick from the boat.
(c) A wooden tube from the boat.
(d) His voice.

4. What did Pi smell when he was next to the boat?
(a) The smell of the ocean.
(b) The smell of his wet blanket.
(c) The tiger's urine.
(d) The smell of rotting food.

5. What did Pi make the lifeboat more and more into?
(a) A zoo habitat.
(b) A home.
(c) A tiger's den.
(d) A shelter.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is life's only opponent, in the eyes of Pi?

2. What did Pi start to follow after his food supplies run low?

3. What did the final report say about Pi's knowledge of the reason the ship sank?

4. What did Pi continue to use to communicate with the tiger?

5. What was the collection of that Pi's lifeboat came along in the water?

Short Essay Questions

1. In Part 2, Chapter 81, what did Pi attribute his survival with the tiger to?

2. What is one small detail of Pi's suffering that the author describes in Part 2, Chapter 64?

3. In Part 3, Chapters 96 and 97, Pi told the Japanese officials what about his ordeal?

4. In Part 3, Chapter 100, the author receives a letter from Japanese officials about their interview with Pi. They remark that they found Pi to have had amazing fortitude to survive his ordeal. Why did they find his ordeal so amazing?

5. In Part 2, Chapter 76, the author discusses Pi and the tiger's behavior regarding the tiger's feces. What does their behavior signify?

6. Pi started to take on some of the tiger's traits in Part 2, Chapter 77. Why?

7. Why did Pi find himself distracted & entertained by the underside of the raft in Part 2, Chapter 67?

8. What is the symbolism of the flares in Part 2, Chapter 69?

9. Discuss the "dream rag," first discussed by Pi in Part 2, Chapter 87.

10. In Part 2, Chapter 95, who were dispatched to Mexico to meet Pi, and why?

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