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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How did Pi first learn about Islam?
(a) By studying at school.
(b) By listening to his parents.
(c) By discovering the Muslim section of his town.
(d) By talking to his friends.

2. Does the meeting at the zoo between the two Mr. Kumars have any special significance?
(a) Yes. It represents the two sides of Pi's character--his piety and his interest in creation.
(b) No, but it made Pi feel uncomfortable.
(c) No. It was just an event that happened.
(d) Yes. It signifies that Pi has not yet assimilated what he has learned from the two Mr. Kumars.

3. What is the omega animal?
(a) The one with the lowest social standing in their group.
(b) The one with the highest social standing in their group.
(c) The animal that is given the easiest tricks to learn.
(d) The hardest animal to train.

4. What animal do zookeepers think of as the most dangerous animal in the zoo?
(a) Tigers.
(b) Hippos.
(c) Man.
(d) Lions.

5. What was the main character named after?
(a) A swimming pool.
(b) His father.
(c) His grandfather.
(d) A famous landmark.

Short Answer Questions

1. What was under the tarp on the boat?

2. According to the author, which of the following was a reason why Pi decided to get back into the lifeboat?

3. Symbolically, what does it mean when the storm clears?

4. In Part 1, Chapter 30, what does the author say he learned about Pi when they met?

5. In Part 1, Chapter 1, the main character tells about his experience in which location?

Short Essay Questions

1. How are the zebra and the orangutan anthropomorphized in Part 2, Chapter 45?

2. How does Pi react to the story of Jesus in Part 1, Chapter 17?

3. In Part 1, Chapter 23, the author discusses the "three wise men." Who are they?

4. What does the closing sentence of Part 1, Chapter 35 foreshadow?

5. In Part 2, Chapter 43, what did Pi believe is off the lifeboat, as he convinced himself he only had to survive a few hours in the lifeboat before search and rescue teams arrive by ship?

6. In Part 1, Chapter 39, where did Pi end up after being thrown overboard?

7. In Part 2, Chapter 54, Pi worried about what to do with the tiger. Discuss his conclusions.

8. How does Part 1, Chapter 21 set the reader up for the remainder of the story?

9. In Part 2, Chapter 51, readers see Pi's persistence pay off as he finds food and water. How did Pi find the food and water?

10. In Part 1, Chapter 7, Pi discusses his teacher, Mr. Kumar. How are they similar and different?

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