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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Since Pi had no bait, what did he cut up to fish with in the morning, after his leather shoe was unsuccessful?
(a) Flying fish.
(b) The tiger's droppings.
(c) The British naval manual.
(d) The biscuits.

2. What was Pi careful to maintain with the tiger in his quest to be known by the tiger as the alpha male?
(a) Eye contact.
(b) Sufficient sleeping space.
(c) Plentiful food.
(d) Plentiful water.

3. What did Pi fail to control as time passed on the liferaft?
(a) His fear.
(b) His faith.
(c) His direction.
(d) His loneliness.

4. What did Pi tell to the interviewers?
(a) His religious philosophies.
(b) His story.
(c) That he won't say anything more until he goes home.
(d) Nothing. He is too exhausted to say anything.

5. What did the officials say to the author about the interview with Pi?
(a) It was hard but purposeful.
(b) It was amazing and heroic.
(c) It was difficult and memorable.
(d) It was incomplete and unusual.

6. What did Pi use, lose, and re-create, to protect himself while training the tiger?
(a) A shield made of wood from the benches in the boat.
(b) A turtle shell shield.
(c) A shield made of the locker door.
(d) A shield made of part of the raft.

7. What did Pi make the lifeboat more and more into?
(a) A zoo habitat.
(b) A tiger's den.
(c) A shelter.
(d) A home.

8. How many steps were in Pi's plan to tame the tiger?
(a) Seven.
(b) Six.
(c) Nine.
(d) Five.

9. What did the tiger do when he and Pi landed on the shore of the small island?
(a) Stayed on the boat, skeptical of the island.
(b) Stayed close to Pi, now trained and secure in his presence.
(c) Leapt from the boat and disappeared over a ridge.
(d) Saw a moving animal and raced after it, hunting it down and tearing it apart for food.

10. What did Pi do each time he thought he saw lights in the distance?
(a) Directed a broken mirror piece at the lights.
(b) Set off a flare.
(c) Cried in happiness, then in pain, when the lights didn't come closer.
(d) Yelled.

11. What did Pi wish for in his quiet days on the liftboat?
(a) A book.
(b) A friend.
(c) More food.
(d) To be rescued.

12. What did Pi find when he boarded the other man's boat to scavenge for food?
(a) Turtle meat, fish, biscuit crumbs, and water.
(b) Olives, water, and canned fish.
(c) Nothing. The man's boat was as empty as his.
(d) Fish, shark meat, and crackers.

13. What happened to the underside of Pi's raft?
(a) It started breaking apart.
(b) It turned green with algae.
(c) It started rotting.
(d) It became an ecosystem full of sea life.

14. What did the tiger associate with trespassing to remember to avoid it?
(a) Nausea and exhaustion.
(b) Nausea and blowing the whistle.
(c) Fish and the whistle.
(d) A rocking boat and fish.

15. What type of storm was Pi struck with the beauty and wonder of?
(a) A thunder storm.
(b) A lightning storm.
(c) A monsoon.
(d) A hurricane.

Short Answer Questions

1. What did the interviewing men decide had caused the ship to sink?

2. Where did Pi, Richard Parker, and the lifeboat, finally land?

3. What did the interviewers want to know first?

4. What did Pi spend a lot of time in the manual reading about and studying?

5. What did Pi discover, days after the tiger started rubbing his eyes and meowing?

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