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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do Pi's parents think about his being so religious?
(a) They just want Pi to be happy.
(b) They hope Pi's religious fervor is a passing phase.
(c) They think Pi should choose one religion, whichever one he wants.
(d) While they may not believe as Pi does, they encourage him.

2. What did Pi build a raft out of?
(a) Life jackets and floating oars.
(b) Oars and floating logs.
(c) Logs and life jackets.
(d) Wood and rope.

3. What made Pi re-evaluate his position in the lifeboat?
(a) He thought he saw a rescue boat.
(b) He saw the tiger in the boat.
(c) He imagined that he saw his mother.
(d) He thought he saw an island on the horizon.

4. Which of these events did not occur before the ship sank?
(a) Pi found rising water blocking his way when he tried to return to his room.
(b) Acccording to Pi's brother, there had been some problem with the engines.
(c) Pi woke up and decided to go exploring.
(d) There was a general alarm to alert everyone that the ship was sinking.

5. Pi took inventory of what on the boat?
(a) The locker.
(b) A metal cupboard.
(c) A wooden trunk.
(d) A cage.

6. How large was the boat?
(a) 3.5 feet deep, 8 feet wide, 26 feet long.
(b) 10 feet deep, 4 feet wide, 18 feet long.
(c) 26 feet deep, 8 feet wide, 3.5 feet long.
(d) 4 feet deep, 18 feet wide, 10 feet long.

7. The main character grew up in what country?
(a) Canada.
(b) India.
(c) Mexico.
(d) United States.

8. Which of the following is true about Pi's family's departure from India?
(a) The ship was delayed in its departure because of weather.
(b) The whole family was excited about going to Canada.
(c) Pi was excited about leaving, but his mother was sad.
(d) Other families on the ship were going to Canada as well.

9. In Part 1, Chapter 33, when the author and Pi look through photos, what period in Pi's life has only a few photos?
(a) His life in India.
(b) His time in Brazil.
(c) His time at the University of Toronto.
(d) His wedding.

10. When Pi's father took his sons on a tour of the zoo, which of the following statements is not true?
(a) His father told them not to try and pet a tiger.
(b) His father showed them how quickly animals could kill them.
(c) His father told them none of the animals could be touched.
(d) They watched a tiger eat a goat.

11. In Part 2, Chapter 48, Pi explains that the tiger got his name from what source?
(a) A mix-up in paperwork.
(b) Pi when he was at the zoo.
(c) The Pondicherry zookeeper.
(d) The author.

12. How did Pi spend his second night on the lifeboat?
(a) Walking about the boat.
(b) Sleeping.
(c) Swimming and sleeping.
(d) Crying with grief about his family.

13. Which is the following is not true about Pi's visit to a Christian church and his meeting with Father Martin?
(a) Pi told Father Martin that he wanted to become a Christian.
(b) Pi went to a Hindu temple after he went to the Christian church.
(c) Pi did not feel he belonged in the Christian church.
(d) Pi thought the story about Jesus to be odd.

14. When Pi was 14, he went on a family vacation to Munmar and saw what on the top of three hills?
(a) Tea estates.
(b) Religious temples.
(c) Hotels.
(d) Parks.

15. Who were the two men Pi called the "prophets of his youth"?
(a) Satish Kumar, the Sufi, and Mamji.
(b) Mamji and Pi's father.
(c) Satish Kumar, the atheist, and Satish Kumar, the Sufi.
(d) Satish Kumar, the atheist, and Mamji.

Short Answer Questions

1. When the hyena began to act strangely, what did Pi do?

2. What did Pi say at the meeting of his parents and his religious teachers?

3. What convinced Pi he wasn't going to die?

4. What was the response of Pi's mother to his request for a Christian baptism and a prayer rug?

5. How important is religion to Pi?

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