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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 3 Chapter 95 | Part 3 Chapter 96 | Part 3 Chapter 97.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did Pi start to follow after his food supplies run low?
(a) His normal routine.
(b) His faith, knowing he can catch more fish.
(c) The tiger, to where the tiger has sequestered fish.
(d) The recommended daily intake in the survival guide.

2. On whose estimated birthday did Pi sing "Happy Birthday"?
(a) His brother's.
(b) His mother's.
(c) The tiger's.
(d) His father's.

3. What did the tiger associate with trespassing to remember to avoid it?
(a) A rocking boat and fish.
(b) Nausea and exhaustion.
(c) Nausea and blowing the whistle.
(d) Fish and the whistle.

4. How did Richard Parker end up in the lifeboat with Pi?
(a) He was there before Pi got in.
(b) Pi doesn't know how he got there.
(c) Pi helped him swim to the boat by throwing him a life buoy.
(d) He jumped into the boat from the ship.

5. What did Pi do to modify the raft?
(a) Made a mast and found a compass in the locker to navigate with.
(b) Increased the depth of the raft by adding another layer of wood,
(c) Made the raft wider with more wood and rope.
(d) Made a mast and draped a blanket over it to create shelter.

Short Answer Questions

1. What did Pi not find after looking around on the boat?

2. What did Pi and Richard Parker come eye to eye with after the great storm?

3. When Pi got back into the lifeboat in Part 2, who did he see look out from under the tarp?

4. When Pi saw a sea turtle near the boat, what did he do?

5. During the first night on the lifeboat, what did the hyena do?

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